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Friends of New London Hospital | November/December 2011
Supporting New London Hospital through active service and philanthropy
Surgical Services at New London
Hospital—the Right Technology
in the Hands of the Right Talent
No one looks forward to contem­plating surgery, yet when it is necessary New
London Hospital (NLH) offers individualized surgical options in a setting that is
safe, patient-centered, and patient-friendly.
A small community hospital does not mean limited options for surgical
care. NLH has high standards for the quality of care we provide, which is
evident in the services offered to patients. “Every patient can trust his/
her care to our surgical teams, which include board-certifed surgeons and
anesthesiologists. Our infection control rate is 1.37% compared to the 5%
national average,“ stated NLH’s Chief Operating Offcer Terry LeBlanc, RN.
“The physicians are supported by highly skilled registered nurses, all of
whom are certifed in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and surgical
technicians who are dedicated to ensuring a positive surgical experience for
each patient.”
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Message from Bruce King
Throughout 2011, and indeed during the almost nine years I’ve been
privileged to be the CEO of New London Hospital, I have been immensely
grateful for the strong community support of the hospital. The hospital’s
Annual Fund signifcantly exceeded our budgeted projections for FY 2011
and made it possible for the hospital to provide services for hundreds of
patients who could not otherwise afford care. As the economy continues
to challenge many individuals’ ability to receive quality healthcare, New
London Hospital is here to take care of the health of our community. Your
generosity and support make this possible.
Thank you for your commit­ment to the hospital. As you
share the holidays with family and friends, please accept our
deepest thanks for your gifts and support.
On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the physicians and
the more than 500 employees of New London Hospital,
I wish you a joyful holiday season.
New London Hospital’s 2011 holiday postcard,
Neighbor’s Farm
by Ken Schuster
In Their Own Words:
NLH Surgical Patients
My family and I have been
“customers” of New London
Hospital since the 1970s. We
live in New London, my wife
works in New London, we
have an excellent history with
NLH and I value the personal
service provided by a smaller
hospital. After about 15 years of
continuing deterioration of my
knees, I fnally scheduled bilateral
knee surgery to be performed
by Dr. Peter Noordsij of Concord
Orthopedics at NLH. My surgery
began at the scheduled time.
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