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Benita Walton, MD Joins New London Hospital

NLH welcomes psychiatrist Dr. Benita Walton
to its wellness teams in New London and at the
new Newport Health Center (NHC). Dr. Walton is
providing patients with mental health resources and
management of medications for depression, anxiety
and other behavioral health conditions.

 Dr. Walton has a broad background in medicine, with         Dr. Walton (in bottom row with light pink shirt) with
 more than 35 years of experience addressing chronic and     patients from a Casting for Recovery retreat in Louisiana.
 major medical issues. She received her doctorate from the
 State University of New York’s Buffalo School of Medicine  Dr. Walton’s experience working with Casting for
 and was a chief resident at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H)      Recovery patients and their emotional well-being led
 and at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics    her to pursue a career in psychiatry. She completed
 in Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery. As a plastic       her psychiatry residency at D-H in 2005 and was
 surgeon, she volunteered in South America, Bangladesh,     a psychiatry fellow at the Austen Riggs Center in
 and Nepal through Interplast, an organization that         Stockbridge, MA in 2007. She was a staff psychiatrist
 sends teams of volunteer surgeons and other health         at Glens Falls Hospital in upstate New York before
 professionals to provide life-changing surgery and         coming to NLH/NHC.
 medical training in 17 countries across the world. During
 an Interplast assignment in 1986, her team was featured    Dr. Walton is thrilled to be part of a team-based
 in a televised segment on 60 Minutes.                      approach to health care delivery in both New London
                                                            and Newport. “We focus on what’s best for the
     	 I am motivated to provide                            patients. We meet regularly to discuss our patients’
                                                            treatment plans and medications, and we share the
     support and quality information                        care of patients,” she says. “I am motivated to provide
                                                            support and quality information to help my patients
     to help my patients make good                          make good choices about their health.”

“choices about their health.                                During her free time, Dr. Walton likes to work with
”– Dr. Benita Walton, NLH and NHC psychiatrist              her hands, doing sewing, knitting, watercoloring,
                                                            fly-fishing and occasional sailing. She also enjoys art
 In 1996, Dr. Walton co-founded Casting for Recovery,       and the company of friends.
 a unique fly-fishing therapy program for women
 recovering from breast cancer treatment. “We brought                                        Dr. Walton is now seeing
 breast cancer patients together for a weekend retreat                                       patients at both NLH and NHC.
 of fly fishing to share their complex experiences,” said                                    For more information or to
 Dr. Walton. “For me, it was truly a humbling experience                                     schedule an appointment call
 to work with these patients.” Since then, the program                                       603-526-5544 (New London) or
 has grown and Casting for Recovery now conducts                                             603-863-4100 (Newport).
 42 retreats across this country, Great Britain and New
 Zealand, serving nearly 600 women each year. Dr.
 Walton hopes to offer a Casting for Recovery retreat in
 the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire.

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