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•	 Find an indoor pool: If you like to swim, there’s no need to
     stop in the colder months. Indoor swimming will help you
     build stamina and stay lean through winter.

•	 Work out at home: If getting to the gym is a hassle or if you
     don’t belong to one, work out at home. Put on a DVD that is
     geared to your fitness level or find a website that has online
     workouts. Invest in a few pieces of fitness equipment like
     weights or even your use body weight.

•	 Do some household chores: Active housework like sweeping,                Physical activity provides many
     mopping, and vacuuming burns calories and provides a sense      health benefits, from reducing your
     of accomplishment.                                              risk for heart disease, high blood
                                                                     ”pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis to
•	 Volunteer your time: Stay active while doing good for
     others. Consider volunteering at a soup kitchen or painting     boosting your immune system,
                                                                     energy level and mood.
“or cleaning a local shelter. New London Hospital and
     Newport Health Center have many options for volunteers.         – S hannon Schachtner, APRN
     Go to to learn more.

When it’s cold outside, there’s no need to hibernate. Focus on what
you do like about the winter and the opportunities it provides for
fitness and health. With the right mindset and motivation, you can
stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Meet Shannon Schachtner, APRN

  Shannon Schachtner, APRN joins the NLH Medical Group at the Newport Health Center from
  Dartmouth-Hitchcock where she worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in the Inpatient Cardiology
  section. Shannon completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing at Pittsburg
  State University in Kansas, the state where she was born and raised.

                                             “I lived in a small town and I appreciate what that community and the
                                               Great Plains contributed to my upbringing,” says Shannon. “I look
                                               forward to getting to know my new local community and spending time
                                               with my patients. Talking with people, hearing and understanding their
                                               stories, and forming a bond that creates an ongoing patient-provider
                                               relationship is truly what I love most about my job.”

                                               “I am also really excited about a New Hampshire winter,” continues
                                              Shannon. “I enjoyed skiing as a child and I’m looking forward to
                                              picking it back up. My husband and children are also having fun skiing,
                                               sledding and getting into all the other great snow-related activities

                                                 that winter brings.”

                                                      Shannon is now seeing adults of all ages for primary care
                                                       at the new Newport Health Center. For more information
                                                        or to schedule an appointment with Shannon,
                                                        call NHC at 603-863-4100.

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