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Keep Healthy and
      Stay Active in the Winter

Many of us tend to slow down during the winter                •	 Talk a walk: This is an effective cardio workout
months. The colder temperatures and short, dark days               for people of all fitness levels. If you are walking
make it easy to stay indoors and be less active. Yet,              outdoors, be sure to dress for the weather and start
physical activity is as essential now as during better             with some simple stretches to warm up.
weather months. “It is important to continue to stay
active indoors or outdoors during the winter,” advises        •	 Take up a winter sport: The Kearsarge-Lake Sunapee
New London Hospital’s (NLH’s) Shannon Schachtner,                  region has many outdoor recreational opportunities
APRN. “Physical activity provides many health benefits,            to choose from: skiing, snowboarding, skating,
from reducing your risk for heart disease, high blood              sledding and snowshoeing. These activities burn
pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis to boosting your               mega calories and make cold-weather workouts fun.
immune system, energy level and mood.”
                                                              •	 Play in the snow with your kids or grandkids: Join
Staying active doesn’t have to be a challenge in the               the kids and build a snowman, make snow angels, or
colder weather. “Keep it simple. If you want to lose               have a snowball fight. The best part about playing
weight or have resolved to change your sedentary                   is that it doesn’t feel like working out—and you can
lifestyle, set realistic goals and pace yourself. It is not        still get your heart rate up.
a sprint. If the sun is shining and it’s not too cold or icy
outside, take a walk – the sunshine does wonders for          •	 Visit the health club or yoga/fitness studio regularly:
your physical health as well as your mental health,”               As tempting as it may be to skip the gym when it is
advises Shannon.                                                   cold, motivate yourself to go at least three times a
                                                                   week. Use the treadmills, stair-climbers, or exercise
Following are some options for staying active this                 bikes. Try a new fitness activity or class to keep it
winter. (Make sure to drink plenty of water before,                interesting. If you don’t belong to a fitness facility,
during and after any exercise.)                                    consider joining one or signing up for regular classes.

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