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NLH’s CSI Program Provides Students
           with Valuable Hands-On Experience

During the spring school vacation, seven high            “ ”After this internship, I can now say
school students participated in NLH’s Caring
Student Intern (CSI) program to learn about              that I wouldn’t want to work anywhere other
healthcare and healthcare careers during a               than a hospital. I would highly recommend
four day “hands-on” experience. The students             this program to other high school students
went behind the scenes and visited the                   considering a career in medicine.
hospital’s Emergency, Radiology, Laboratory
and Physical Therapy departments. They                                          – Katie Adams, CSI class of 2017
also spent time with providers and staff at
NLH’s Newport Health Center.                              those who work in it. I was able to talk one-on-one
                                                          with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians about their
Through hands-on classes, students learned                careers and even had the chance to see all of the ins and
about infection control, proper hand washing              outs of the inpatient pharmacy at New London Hospital.”
procedures, application and interview skills, quality
improvement, and patient safety. In addition, they        “I am very appreciative to all of the NLH staff
had the opportunity to receive their initial CPR          involved for providing the incredible information and
certifications or CPR re-certifications.                  experiences that the program offered,” said Katie.
                                                          “After this internship, I can now say that I wouldn’t
The CSI class of 2017 was the seventh class to complete   want to work anywhere other than a hospital. I would
the program at NLH. “We are thrilled to be able           highly recommend this program to other high school
to offer an educational experience that introduces        students considering a career in medicine.”
students to the vast career opportunities available
in healthcare,” said Nancy Collins, NLH volunteer
manager. “Over the years we have started to see the
CSI interns return to New London Hospital either as
volunteers or as employees.”

Katie Adams, CSI class of 2017, returned to NLH
soon after graduating from Kearsarge High School.
Interested in becoming a pharmacist, and inspired by
the CSI program, Katie is using her summer break to
work as a pharmacy technician prior to studying at
Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA, where she’ll
major in Biochemistry on the Pre-Pharmacy track.

“I was fortunate to participate in the Caring Student           For more information about
Intern program during my senior year,” said Katie.         the Caring Student Intern program
“Through this program I was introduced to many           at NLH, contact the Volunteer Services
medical field careers and learned valuable advice from
                                                                   office at 603-526-5133.

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