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Eating Vegetables Will Keep You Healthy

You often hear that you should eat more vegetables everyday – vegetables have been shown to reduce your risk
of developing certain chronic diseases and keep you healthy.

“A meal rich with fruits, whole grains and vegetables is important for your wellbeing,” said Newport Health
Center Medical Director and Internal Medicine physician Oliver Herfort, MD. “These foods contain nutrients that
help your heart, arteries, brain and nerves stay healthy, boost your immune system and protect you from cancer.”

Tips to help increase your vegetable                                                    Dr. Herfort has a
intake this summer:                                                                     background in infectious
                                                                                        disease and his clinical
➤➤ Buy fresh vegetables that are in season.                                             interests include preventive
     These will be at their peak flavor.                                                care, healthy living and
                                                                                        nutrition. He specializes
➤➤ Visit a local farmer’s market—it can be a great                                      in working with elderly
     weekend/family activity.                                                           patients who are at high
                                                           risk of complex chronic diseases, diabetes, heart
➤➤ Experiment with a vegetable you’ve never tried before.  and lung disease.

➤➤ Grill vegetable kabobs. Try tomatoes, mushrooms,        For more information or to schedule an
     bell peppers and onions.                              appointment with Oliver Herfort, MD, contact
                                                           Newport Health Center at 603-863-4100.
➤➤ Shred carrots or zucchini into meatloaf, casseroles,
     quick breads and muffins.

➤➤ Add a serving of vegetables into a
     fruit smoothie for a quick on-the-go snack.

➤➤ Keep a bowl of cut-up vegetables in a
     see-through container in the refrigerator.

➤➤ Pick up pre-washed bags of greens and add
     baby carrots or grape tomatoes for a quick salad.

➤➤ Add color to salads with baby carrots,
     shredded red cabbage, corn or spinach leaves.

➤➤ Quickly sauté peppers, onion, spinach
     and mushrooms and add them to
     your morning omelet.

➤➤ Showcase lean dinner portions over
     a bed of dark greens.

“What you cook and eat sets an example for
your children,” said Dr. Herfort. “Making healthy
choices now will help them make the right decisions
about their nutrition later, and it will encourage them
to share healthy recipes with future generations.”

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