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Helping Patients Regain and
           Maintain Active, Comfortable Lives

When injuries or health conditions make it difficult       In the occupational and physical therapy arena, NLH and
for you to move around and complete everyday tasks,        NHC offer specialized services that distinguish them from
occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT)        other health care facilities. At both locations, hand and
can make your life easier and help minimize pain. The      upper extremity therapy is provided for musculoskeletal
experienced OT/PT specialists at NLH and Newport           injury and post-operative treatment for issues such as
Health Center (NHC) help patients of all ages develop,     carpel tunnel and neurologic conditions. Patients with
recover, and improve the skills they need for daily        speech disorders, stuttering, and swallowing and feeding
living and working.                                        problems, can work with a skilled speech and language
                                                           pathologist at NLH.
Many people often confuse physical therapy and
occupational therapy. Physical therapists treat a          NHC is the only health care facility in the region to
patient’s physical impairment to help them regain          offer Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), which are
function and mobility through strength and exercise.       day-long tests conducted for individuals returning to
An occupational therapist works with patients through      work from an injury or illness. FCEs can help patients
functional activities that simulate relevant, meaningful,  identify safe working limits while accelerating the
or required everyday tasks, modified environments,         return to work process.
exercises, and other traditional therapeutic techniques.
This holistic approach helps patients fully engage in the  NLH’s multidisciplinary OT/PT therapists and assistants
occupations and activities they want or need to do.        range in experience from five years to just over 35
                                                           years and all live in the community. Matt was hired as
“We work with our patients to understand their             NLH’s first full-time occupational therapist in 1997 and
expectations and personal goals for treatment,             has seen the department grow to four OT staff and 8
and tailor their therapy plan to meet those needs,”        PT staff members. “Our team is well versed in multiple
says Matt Petrin, OTR/L, director of Sports Medicine       therapeutic issues and interventions—although we
and Therapy Services. “Our teams provide care              have specialty programs such as vestibular (inner
to maximize patient function and independence              ear balance) rehab or pelvic therapy. We don’t just
for many conditions. This may include treatment            specialize in one condition or one thing using a single
of strokes, neurological disorders, hand/back/             approach. We discuss care as a team concept and
lower extremity surgeries, orthopaedic injury, and         develop custom evidence-based treatment plans using
tendonitis. We also help patients with chronic             best practices to help our patients achieve their goals
conditions (such as arthritis) maintain and enhance        safely within the shortest period,” says Matt.
their daily lives.”
                                                                   For more information about OT/PT services,
                                                                    call 603-526-5256 at New London Hospital
                                                                  and 603-863-8936 at Newport Health Center.

                                                           “ ”We work with our patients to
                                                                  understand their expectations and
                                                                  personal goals for treatment,
                                                                  and tailor their therapy plan
                                                                  to meet those needs.

                                                                            – Matt Petrin, OTR/L, director of Sports
                                                                              Medicine and Therapy Services
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