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Donor Spotlight:

                                      Cyn Barrette –
                                      A Passion for Wellness

Supporting NLH’s Wellness Connection allows Cynthia (Cyn) Barrette of Hanover and Sunapee
to fulfill one of her greatest passions – the desire to live a life of health and wellness and to
educate and empower others to realize their potential for the same. To Cyn and her husband
of 36 years, Ray, there is no greater need in life than to have good health; all other passions
and experiences cannot be fulfilled without it.

      Cyn first heard about the Wellness Connection over   preventive health to discover what she and her loved
      six-months ago when speaking with NLH President      ones could do to mitigate terrible diseases. She
      and CEO Bruce King. Her reaction was, “Fabulous!     explored issues such as how our food choices affect
      Here we have a medical facility empowering the       our overall well-being and naturopathic medicine.
      community to take control over their own health.”    Cyn became more aware of what wellness meant
      Cyn is now a faithful advocate of the Wellness       not only for her, but for the community. “If we can
      Connection and wants others to know about the tools  help just 10 people, then that’s 10 more people
      and resources the program provides to the community  contributing to society, 10 more people not needing
      to help them achieve and maintain good health.       medical intervention and 10 more people not having
                                                           to suffer,” said Cyn.
          If we can help just 10 people,
   then that’s 10 more people contributing                 This drive for personal wellness is what allows
   to society, 10 more people not needing                  Cyn to be fully engaged in her other passions: the
                                                           performing arts, supporting birth mothers in the
“medical intervention and 10 more                          adoption journey, serving as a board member for
   people not having to suffer.                            the Gift of Adoption Fund and traveling to explore
   ”– Cyn Barrette                                        the world. Through education and empowerment,
                                                           Cyn hopes others are also able to experience their
                                                           passions to the fullest by choosing to lead a healthy
                                                           life. She believes programs such as the Wellness
                                                           Connection can help.

Throughout her life Cyn has made small lifestyle           The Wellness Connection is making an impact in the
changes, such as taking steps to prevent sun               Sunapee-Kearsarge Region because of the generous
damage, well before they were part of the                  support of friends like Cyn Barrette… and you!
mainstream health message. Cyn, an accomplished            We invite you to partner with us as we continue
jazz musician, became even more concerned about            to promote new initiatives that encourage healthy
wellness and prevention nearly six years ago when          eating, stress reduction and active living in our
she learned that her vocal coach was diagnosed with        community. To learn more or to donate, please visit
cancer. The impact of the news was so great that 
it sent Cyn on a quest and she began researching

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