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The Way
                                                                                       to Wellness

                                                                                       Leveraging Community
                                                                                       Collaboration to Drive
                                                                                       Healthy Living in the
                                                                                       Sunapee-Kearsarge Region

NLH Director of Wellness and Community Health Catherine Bardier (second from left)
            works on healthy eating programs with students from Colby-Sawyer College.

From workplaces to schools to community organizations, wellness
programs continue to spring up in an effort to provide education and
tools to address unhealthy behaviors and health challenges. However,
organizational leaders are starting to think beyond their own institutions,
and are looking to partner with other community stakeholders to
further drive preventive health and wellness programs into the towns
in which they live, work and play. The Wellness Connection for a Healthy
Lake Sunapee Region has created a powerful vehicle to do just that.

The Wellness Connection Coalition, a network of partnerships at the local, regional and state level, helps

organizations and community groups collaborate on health initiatives in the Sunapee-Kearsarge Region.

Founded in 2013, the coalition has more than 50 partners representing employers, schools, businesses,

civic and faith-based organizations, municipal government and community resources.
The coalition allows members to engage with one
another on a broad range of wellness initiatives.
“The goal is to support and strengthen the work
that our local organizations and community
groups are doing by coming together to share
resources,” says Catherine Bardier, director of

“wellness and community health at New London

Hospital (NLH). “By embracing these partnerships,
we are creating a culture of health that can drive

”change and have a very positive impact on the
                                            We are creating a culture of health
                                      that can drive change and have a very
                                      positive impact on the well-being
                                      of our region.

                                                – C atherine Bardier, Director of

                                                      Wellness and Community Health

well-being of our region.”

In 2016 the coalition helped grow and extend several wellness initiatives including a school-based flu clinic
program that provided immunizations to 22 schools located in Sullivan and Merrimack counties. “The
Wellness Connection is an instrument of innovation for the Greater Sullivan County Region,” says Kirsten
Vigneault, director of community health preparedness for Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network.

“Both the Wellness Connection and New London Hospital provide support to a wide range of public
health initiatives including dedicating time, resources and staff to the Public Health Network’s
School-Based Flu Clinic program. This program has helped to immunize 964 students during the

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