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Lin Brown, MD, rheumatology                                        Richard “Pete” Peterson, P-AC,

                                 Favorite Autumn Activities:       orthopaedics
                                 Hiking, kayaking, yoga retreats,
                                 gardening and enjoying the                                         Favorite Autumn Activities:
                                 great outdoors                                                     Hiking, horseback riding,
                                                                                                    kayaking and rugby
                                 These Seasons Bring:
                                 Issues related to joint pain                                       These Seasons Bring:
                                 and disease                                                        Musculoskeletal injuries
                                                                                                    occurring from sports, yard
“While rheumatologic diseases occur anytime of the year,”                                           work, house maintenance
says Dr. Brown, “periods of increased activity can enhance                                          and other activities
symptoms related to degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis,
and excess weight can place stress on any joint condition.”        Ankles, knees, feet. Shoulders, clavicles, hands.
In fact, Dr. Brown continues, obesity is the biggest risk          Rotator cuffs? Sure. If it’s a part of the body and
factor for osteoarthritis, which is all the more reason to be      it moves, chances are Pete sees injuries relating to
diet- and nutrition-conscious with the onset of the holidays.      it at Newport Health Center. This is the season for
                                                                   outdoor sports and recreation, raising the likelihood
Moreover, outdoor enthusiasts are more susceptible to              of musculoskeletal strains. Thankfully, Pete has
Lyme disease, which is shown to have significant correlative       shared tips to protect our bodies from unnecessary
relationships to arthritis. Health-conscious outdoorsmen           discomfort while engaging in these activities.
and women would do well to heed Dr. Brown’s advice.
                                                                     Pete Peterson’s tips
  Dr. Brown’s tips
                                                                     •	 Increase strength, flexibility and balance with
  •	 Before hiking, apply a tick deterrent like DEET on                 basic muscle conditioning exercises.
     your skin, or pyrethrum to your clothes. After hiking,
     check for ticks on body and in hair.                            •	 Wear protective, activity-appropriate gear
                                                                        and footwear.
  •	 Avoid overeating or eating excessively fatty foods.
                                                                     •	 Hike safely by checking and re-checking weather
  •	 Don’t smoke.                                                       and by informing friends or family of your specific
                                                                        plans. Don’t overdo it.
  •	 Condition muscles for strength and to prevent
     unnecessary falls.                                              •	 Practice mindfulness and safety when using
                                                                        ladders, tools and other home improvement
  •	 Be particularly careful with previously injured                    items. Ask for help when needed.
     joints, as they’re more vulnerable to osteoarthritis.

  •	 Use sunscreen, especially if you’re taking medication
     that can increase sensitivity to sun exposure.

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