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Four NLH Providers                  Fall in New England conjures abundant outdoor
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the Most of Autumn                  romance: Crisp, clean air, the scent of wood and cider and
                                    flashy bursts of color in our trees. It inspires activities, such as
                                    hiking, apple-picking, horseback riding, camping, zip lining
                                    and canoeing. The turning of seasons also ushers in new
                                    opportunities to be mindful of our health. In that spirit, we
                                    asked four health care providers for advice on how to take care
                                    of ourselves and our children during the fall and early winter.

Andrew Torkelson, MD, cardiology                                Sarah Lester, MD, pediatrics

                                Favorite Autumn Activities:                                     Favorite Autumn Activities:
                                Cycling to, from and around                                     Apple-picking, cross-country
                                Pleasant Lake                                                   races, half-marathons – anything
                                                                                                involving her children and running
                                These Seasons Bring:
                                Issues related to overeating                                    These Seasons Bring:
                                and drinking, holiday stress                                    Viral illnesses (e.g. common cold),
                                and lack of exercise                                            sports-related injuries and lice
                                                                                                (especially once the weather cools)

“The holidays have particular implications for heart            The common cold: Always annoying, yet nearly impossible
health,” says Dr. Torkelson. “People gain weight between        to avoid. “You can’t put your kid in a bubble,” says
Thanksgiving and Christmas because celebrations center          Dr. Lester, laughing. “There’s only so much you can do
on food, but not the most optimum of foods.” As a               about viral illnesses.” Dr. Lester advises parents to make
result, Dr. Torkelson sees more cardiac arrhythmias, atrial     sure their children consistently wash their hands and,
fibrillations and slight increases in heart disease around the  if a cold is already in play, to “cough into their elbows”
holidays. These conditions can also be enhanced by stress       to avoid spreading germs to hands.
or overindulgence in alcohol. “It’s called Holiday Heart,”
he says. “People get caught up in all the things they have      “When it comes to lice, there’s nothing magical about
to get done and neglect to take care of themselves. We          winter,” says Dr. Lester. However, parasites huddle
also tend to be more sedentary during winter.”                  together in chilly weather, making cold weather caps
                                                                the perfect place to hide. So sharing caps should be
  Dr. Torkelson’s tips                                          avoided, especially this time of year.

  •	 Be mindful of your diet, getting enough exercise             Dr. Lester’s tips
     and your stress level. Don’t overdo it.
                                                                  •	 Wash hands to avoid contracting or
  •	 Consider adopting the Mediterranean Diet. Eat                   spreading germs.
     more fruits and vegetables. Take time to eat and
     socialize with good friends.                                 •	 Condition muscles and tendons before substantial
                                                                     physical exertion, especially if you’ve taken time
  •	 Don’t smoke.                                                    off from exercise over the summer.

  •	 Eat grass-fed beefs and avoid processed foods.               •	 Don’t keep injuries or areas of concern from
                                                                     coaches or trainers.
  •	 Memorize this: What’s good for your heart is
     good for your brain. Memory and cognition are                •	 To avoid the spread of lice, don’t share hats and
     influenced by heart health.                                     keep hair well-trimmed or tied back.

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