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In Memoriam

We miss these devoted volunteers who touched our hearts with
their kind and giving ways. Each one was notably positive and a
true pleasure to have on our volunteer “staff.” Although they are
no longer here with us, having passed away in 2015 on the dates
indicated, they will long be remembered for their dedication to
helping us attain our mission of providing safe quality care for
patients and their families.

Patricia Attridge, May 21: As a member of
the New London Garden Club, Pat started
volunteering at NLH in 2003. Twice a month,
she would tend to flowers in patient rooms
and plants in our main entrance, ensuring
that all stayed healthy and beautiful.

Joseph Bergin, July 30: An exceptionally humble                    Pauline Parkhurst, January 4:
man with great respect for everyone, Joe started                   A former NLH employee, Polly
volunteering with us in late 2008. (His wife Isabel                rejoined us as a volunteer in
wanted us to keep Joe busy, which we did!) Joe                     mid-2010. She distributed mail
wore many volunteer hats—you might have seen                       throughout the organization,
him greeting at the front desk, or transporting                    a perfect job for her because
patients via wheelchair or delivering mail to                      she knew just about everyone,
various departments.                                               plus she enjoyed visiting with
                                                                   former colleagues.

Elizabeth Lutsky, July 6: Betty began her NLH                      David White, June 19:
volunteer career way back in 1997. She greeted                     David came to “work” at
at the front desk early on Wednesday mornings,                     NLH soon after his early
but her NLH day did not end there! After two                       2015 retirement. A lifelong
hours welcoming patients and visitors, she                         area resident, nearly everyone
headed to our Volunteer Office to photocopy,                       in the community knew him
create information packets or eagerly assist                       as he warmly greeted at
with other needed tasks.                                           our front desk on
                                                                   Monday mornings.
Elizabeth Otto, November 3: Bette was a
Friends Gift Shop volunteer from late 2011
until her health started to decline. She loved
being involved with the Gift Shop, and she
was sorry when she had to give up that
work, as were we.

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