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 Building for Health
                         is Taking Shape!

       In the months since our fall groundbreaking ceremony
       for our new Newport Health Center, much preparation
       and progress has been made.

          We have:
          •	 Completed restoration of the end wall of the Newport Shopping Plaza that had

                been attached to the bowling alley that was taken down late last summer
          •	 Rearranged parking for both patients and staff
          •	 Installed underground drainage systems
          •	 Worked with Eversource to relocate electric poles and lines to the other side of Elm Street
          •	 Pounded 260 geopiers 12 to 20 feet deep into the ground as a foundation base, to support

                the weight of a two-story building
          •	 Placed forms and rebar and poured concrete for the foundation
          At last, the building is taking shape above ground! With steel beams rising up, passersby can now
          better imagine our triangular medical center, at the corner of Route 11 and Elm Street.This exciting
          project remains on target for completion in late fall of this year.

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