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techniques touches the critical muscles that stabilize      Brad’s first surgery on his left hip took place in June
the hip joint and allow early restoration of comfort        2015. The following September, Dr. Kantor performed
and function—the gluteus medius and minimus                 the same surgery on his right hip. “The end result
muscles. The most important factor I consider when          is amazing,” says Brad, who was discharged from
choosing a surgical approach is what is best, safest        New London Hospital (NLH) within 24 hours of both
and most appropriate for that particular individual         surgeries. “The pain is completely gone, I am in total
patient sitting before me. There are specific factors       alignment, and I have more flexibility and mobility than
that may make one technique better for one patient,         I have had in 20 years.”
while a different patient might be more appropriate
for an alternate technique.”                                “Looking back, it was the best decision I ever made,”
                                                            he says. “Dr. Kantor is a wonderful surgeon who
“Some perspective helps in this decision,” says             really gets to know you and takes the time to talk
Dr. Kantor. “Consider that modern hip replacement           with you about every aspect of the surgery. My entire
surgery can provide meaningful pain relief and              experience at New London Hospital was great. I
restore function for over 20 to 30 years. If one surgical   was extremely impressed with the state-of-the-art
technique might allow a recovery that is just one or        technology, the private rooms, the friendliness of the
two weeks quicker than another, but at the same             staff and the personal attention they deliver. Thanks
time carries a higher risk of complication (bleeding,       to Dr. Kantor and New London Hospital, I’m getting
infection, fracture, nerve injury), then does it really     back to doing all the things that I love.”
make sense to chase a slightly faster recovery at the
potential cost of the 30-year result that the patient will           On the cover:
live with for the rest of their life? I employ a minimally            Skier Brad Holden,
invasive philosophy to EVERY surgery I perform—                       doing what he loves.
pursue the long-term goal with the least amount of
collateral damage to achieve that result. This is the
“patient-focused,” personalized care I strive to deliver
to each patient I have the honor of treating.”

Meet Dr. Stephen Kantor

 A member of NLH’s orthopaedic team, Dr. Stephen Kantor
 specializes in cutting edge, evidence-based joint replacement,
 including primary and revision hip and knee replacement,
 minimally-invasive, muscle preserving hip and knee surgery,
 and anterior approach hip surgery. He provides personalized
 attention and care to every patient. He earned his medical
 degree from McGill University in Montreal, PQ, Canada
 where he also completed his surgical residency. Dr. Kantor
 completed a fellowship in Arthritis and Joint Reconstruction
 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and
 a second fellowship in Arthritis and Joint Preservation and
 Reconstructive Surgery at the University of California San
 Diego and the Arthritis Surgery Center in San Diego. He has
 spent the last 11 years living in the Upper Valley and caring
 for patients in the region.

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