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Pain Relief and
Restored Mobility
through Personalized
Orthopaedic Care

During the winter of 2014, avid biker,                    the different surgical approaches available, and
          rock climber, past professional skier and       he spent a lot of time getting to know me and my
          all-around outdoor enthusiast Brad Holden       situation. I explained that I had such a deformity
reached a tipping point. He put on his skis at Jackson    in both of my hips that I couldn’t ski or bike.
Hole in Wyoming and was barely able to make it            Even walking hurt,” says Brad. “Given my fitness
down a groomed trail. Brad was suffering from             level and body mechanics, Dr. Kantor suggested that
severe hip pain in not one, but both of his hips.         a minimally invasive, muscle-sparing posterior surgical
                                                          approach would be the best option for me.”
“Over the previous four years I had really started to
notice a decrease in mobility and flexibility, and I      Explains Dr. Kantor, “There are many different
began having intense pain in my hips,” says Brad.         techniques to get from the skin incision into the
“It became a chore to go skiing, and it was really        hip joint. These different “routes” are referred to
hard to ride a bike because I couldn’t keep my legs       as the surgical approach. These vary in terms of
in line. Everything I loved to do was a struggle.”	       what muscles are touched and what are not, what
                                                          muscles may be divided and which are left pristine.
Self-described as “not one to run straight to the         It has long been believed that the fewer tissues
doctor,” Brad tried alternative medical approaches        divided during surgery, the faster and perhaps more
to alleviate the pain. “It was time to try something      comfortable recovery might be. However, this has
drastic,” says Brad. “But at the same time, I was afraid  not been proven in the scientific literature. As shown
to admit that something was seriously wrong.”             in Brad’s case, we can produce very similar recoveries
                                                          with either muscle-sparing minimally invasive
Brad set up an appointment with his primary care          anterior OR posterior approaches. Neither of these
provider and underwent flexibility tests and x-rays.
“When the x-rays came back, they showed that both
of my hips where shot. They were bone-on-bone,”
he says. After consulting with his healthcare
provider, Brad made the decision to call on the help
of orthopaedic surgeon Stephen Kantor, MD.
“When I met with Dr. Kantor, we discussed at length

        My entire experience at New London Hospital was great.
        I was extremely impressed with the state of the art

“ technology, the private rooms, the friendliness of
        the staff and the personal attention they deliver. 	 		
 ”	 – Brad Holden

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