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The Foundation for Good Health
can be Grown Locally

   Healthy EatingThe Impact of

Your Diet, Your Health                                    activity. For instance, daily vegetable recommendations
Eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle are    for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old
some of your best weapons in fighting heart disease       is 1½ cups a day. For women 51 years and older, the
and stroke, and may even lower the risk of developing     recommendation is 2 cups and for men the same age
other chronic diseases.                                   it’s 2½ cups. If it seems overwhelming to figure out
                                                          daily recommended quantities for all the different
“Healthy eating is vital to a person’s well-being,” says  food groups, Melody suggests visiting the website
Elke Melody, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist at, which provides a breakdown of
New London Hospital (NLH). “When you eat nutritious       the food group recommendations by age and gender.
foods, you feel better. Eating nutrient dense foods
helps to fuel our bodies properly and protect us          Good Food Grown Locally
from developing chronic diseases. If you have a           Locally grown food can bring even more healthy
medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease,      benefits to your table. Buying locally means that your
healthy eating can be your ally in fighting related       food is at its peak flavor and nutrition. No long distance
medical complications.”                                   shipping, processing or sitting in storage for days
                                                          before it gets to you. It can also lead to more variety
What exactly is healthy eating? “It’s eating plenty       in your diet. No single piece of produce provides all of
of vegetables, fruits and whole-grains and avoiding       the necessary nutrients that you need to be healthy.
processed foods that often have too much sodium,          Remember variety is just as important as quantity!
bad fats, added sugars or refined grains,” explains
Melody. “It’s also choosing lean sources of animal        Fortunately, we live in a region that provides many
protein or plant-based proteins such as legumes, nuts,    options for locally grown vegetables and fruits.
and seeds, and low-fat or non-fat dairy products.”        According to the Centers for Disease Control and
                                                          Prevention, New Hampshire is one of four states in
Besides knowing what to eat to be healthier, there’s      the U.S. that has more than seven farmers markets
the matter of quantity. Even nutritious foods have        per 100,000 state residents.
daily recommended amounts that can depend on
factors such as your age, gender and level of physical

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