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Compassionate,Quality Family Care –
Close to Home

Since moving to New London four-and-a-half
        years ago, Lyndsay and Timothy Lund along
        with their two daughters, Charlotte and
Spencer, have experienced firsthand the value of a
community hospital.

“Both Timothy and I rely on NLH for our health care     Photo by Mary Beth Westward
and we use the pediatric services for the care of our
daughters,” says Lyndsay. “We started going to
New London Hospital because it was close by. The
hours are great, it is easy to get an appointment, and
the staff are very cognizant of your time—you never
have a long wait.”

But it is more than a short drive that has the Lunds    febrile seizure—a seizure that can occur in young
continuing to receive their care locally. Explains      children and is triggered by a rapid increase in body
Lyndsay, “From the moment we first walked               temperature in a very short time period.
through the door, we were greeted by pediatric
staff who you can tell really cared about our           “The seizure occurred in the middle of the night.
children’s health and emotional welfare. I always       We didn’t know what was going on and it was
feel very confident with the health care advice and     terrifying,” Lyndsay says. “Within minutes of calling
the direction I receive from the pediatric staff. They  911, the New London Hospital ambulance arrived in
really take the time to know our kids, listen to our    our driveway. The EMT who cared for Spencer was
concerns and educate us on how to enact treatment       great. He knew exactly what was happening and
if we need to. Plus, it’s comforting to know that if    undressed her in the back of the ambulance to lower
there is a problem, you can get diagnosed quickly.      her temperature and bring her out of the seizure.”
There is no spending half-a-day in a car to access
quality health care, and that’s a real asset to have    “Regardless of whether you’re at NLH for a regular
right in our backyard.”                                 check-up, bringing your child in because they don’t
                                                        feel well, or you’re in need of emergency services,
In addition to receiving routine care at NLH, a         the bottom line is—the care you receive is always at
distressing event promoted Lyndsay and Timothy          the forefront,” says Lyndsay. “Convenience steered us
to call New London Hospital Emergency Medical           toward New London Hospital, but it’s the exceptional
Services. In early 2015, Spencer suffered from a        care that keeps us coming back.”

            From the moment we first walked through the door, we were
            greeted by pediatric staff who you can tell really cared about
            our children’s health and emotional welfare.

“ ”	 – Lyndsay Lund
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