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WE APPRECIATE                                                               NLH’s 130 volunteers give of
                                                                            themselves by sharing their
OUR VOLUNTEERS!                                                             goodwill, energy and abilities in
                                                                            many ways. Here is a snapshot
       10,343 Volunteer Hours                                               of what our volunteers do and
                                                                            how they contributed to the
            16 Age Range 96                                                 well-being of our patients, their
                                                                            families and our staff in 2015.

$243,675                                                      22            $28,517

 VALUE OF THEIR TIME                                        NEW VOLUNTEERS  RAISED IN GIFT SHOP

Our volunteers come from                                         ONE VOLUNTEER HAS REACHED OVER
all across the region:
                                                            7,000 hours IN THE 27 years

                                                                    SHE HAS VOLUNTEERED AT NLH.

Grantham                                  Danbury

          Springfield                                                                      SAMPLE VOLUNTEER ROLES:
                                                            Patient and Visitor Greeters, Gift Shop Sales, Mail Delivery,
                                                                  Clough Center Resident Companions, Clough Center
                                                   Andover         Activities, Clerical, Childcare, Flower Care, Recycling

Newport              New Elkins
          Sunapee London
                                                                            OTHER AREAS VOLUNTEERS HELP WITH:
                                  Sutton                                                     Blood drives, Art Receptions,
                                                                                  Hospital Days, New London Triathlon,
Lempster             Bradford                               Concord                Information Tables for various events


How does NLH volunteering make you feel?

Carol: Great! I love the office where I work and everyone is so appreciative of my time and effort.
Mary: It’s very rewarding. I enjoy working with patients.
Don: I feel like I am completing something worthwhile.

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