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In Their Own Words ... Continued from page 3       Jodi Hoyt: I believe that this expanded facility
                                                   provides the potential for tremendous positive
From your perspective as a                         impact on the health and well-being of the entire
community leader—how do you                        community—certainly for people who may have
feel the new Newport Health Center                 limited access to transportation, or even limited
will impact individuals and the                    time to travel to New London, Claremont or beyond.
community as a whole?                              I know of many individuals who choose to forego
                                                   routine, but important, health care appointments
Ella Casey: In addition to providing much needed   and services, simply because it is too inconvenient,
health care and wellness services, the new health  or too costly to take time off from work. The new
center will help the community as a whole by       Health Center will help minimize this obstacle.
bringing in new and increased business and it
will likely impact our economy by adding new       David Hoyt: I echo Jodi’s comments. The new Health
job opportunities.                                 Center will have a great impact on the community in
                                                   many ways for individuals and businesses.

                             Follow our progress online at

You may also give or pledge toward this $9 million project online or by calling 603-526-5023.

Fast, Comfortable,
Convenient MRI Exams
at New London Hospital

When you need Magnetic Resonance Imaging, otherwise
known as an MRI, NLH’s new Philips Ingenia MRI unit
provides accurate, high clarity images in a reduced scan
time. This new MRI unit is the largest conventional MRI
in the region. It has a wide opening, giving patients
additional space so they feel less confined, more
comfortable and more relaxed. Our new unit also offers
enhanced comforts such as a Tempurpedic mattress and
streaming Pandora radio so patients can listen to the music
of their choice. We are pleased to provide this upgraded
technology for the improved care and comfort of our
patients who need it. To further enhance the patient
experience, we offer convenient appointment
times available Tuesday through
Saturday with flexible hours to
accommodate busy schedules.

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