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How long have you been in the
Newport community?

Ella Casey: I came to New Hampshire in 1966 to live
with my mother when my husband was to be sent
overseas. I only planned on staying for one year, but I
ended up buying a home in Newport and I never left.

David Hoyt: I came to Newport in 1983 after serving
seven years in the US Army. Jodi is a native Newporter!

“What is your profession?                                   The community overall is excited
                                                         for the completion of the “new
Ella Casey: I started working at the First National      and expanded” health center.
Bank. Today I am the Executive Director for the
Newport Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jodi Hoyt: My career began at Newport Hospital
and I worked there until it closed in 1990. After that,
I went to work for Community Alliance of Human
Services and today I work for Lake Sunapee Bank.         Approaching the location from

David Hoyt: I began my career as a Patrol Officer with   ”any direction, the new building
the Newport Police Department and became chief
of the department in 1992. I retired from the police        is very visible and shows the
force in 2011 but have remained very active in the          magnitude of things to come.
Newport community. I currently serve as a Selectman
for the town of Newport and I am the President of            	 – David Hoyt
the Newport Opera House Association, where I have
been involved as a board member serving in many          What is your experience with
capacities over the past 14 years.

What is the reaction from                                Newport Health Center?

the community to the new                                 Ella Casey: I rely on Newport Health Center for my
building in town?                                        care. My primary care provider, Melissa Nelson,
                                                         and all of the staff who work there are absolutely

Ella Casey: The reaction is really great, incredibly     wonderful and I never have a problem getting an
positive!                                                appointment when I need one.

David Hoyt: The community overall is excited for         David Hoyt: Having been a patient at the Health
the completion of the “new and expanded” health          Center for the past two-plus decades, I have always
center. Approaching the location from any direction,     received great care and the staff is very responsive.
the new building is very visible and shows the           Recently, I had a small medical emergency that
magnitude of things to come. People are hoping for       needed attention right away. Upon calling Newport
expanded services and more appointment hours to          Health Center, I was referred to a medical specialist,
go along with this magnificent building.                 who discussed possible procedures with my primary
                                                         care provider, Ben Holobowicz, and others. A
Jodi Hoyt: I agree with David on all points. The         diagnosis was made and Ben quickly performed the
building is very large and impressive. I find myself     procedure, allowing me to return to my volunteer
saying “Wow!” each time I ride by, and I look to see     work at the Newport Opera House. Without Newport
what progress has been made each day. People are         Health Center, my only other option would have
watching eagerly to see what the finished result will    been to go to an Emergency Room, at much more
be, and they are excited to learn more about what it     expense and aggravation.
will mean for them relative to their health needs.
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