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In Their Own Words

A Community

Building for HealthPerspective on

                      —The New Newport Health Center

                                      Ella Casey                     Jodi and David Hoyt

                                                  Construction on our new
                                                  Newport Health Center
                                                  is continuing to progress
                                                  quickly. Anyone who lives in
                                                  Newport or drives through
                                                  town regularly has been able
                                                  to watch the project unfold
                                                  into what will be a new
                                                  modern medical facility for
                                                  the residents of Newport and
                                                  surrounding communities.

                                                  Newport community
                                                  members and local leaders
                                                  Ella Casey and Jodi and David
                                                  Hoyt share their thoughts
                                                  on the Building for Health
                                                  project and a little bit about
                                                  themselves and their love for
                                                  the community.

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