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Building f Heal

The New Newport Health Center

11 John Stark Highway in Newport

 Tuesday, November 29

 4 pm: Remarks and Ribbon-Cutting
 4:15 – 5:30 pm: Refreshments and Tours

 (No RSVP necessary.)

New Territory for Volunteers in Newport

On County Road in New London we are                  in which various other appropriate tasks could be
proud of—and very grateful for—our array of          carried out. For starters, with a bigger, unfamiliar
community volunteers who give so generously          facility, there will certainly be needs for way-
of their time and talent in support of our NLH       finding assistance.
mission. But at our other campus in Newport—at
our Newport Health Center—we have not made           Our current volunteers testify to the satisfaction—
use of volunteers in the past.                       and fun—they receive from their work with us.
                                                     And volunteering has proven to be good for one’s
As that medical practice has grown, needs for        health! We invite to you contact our Volunteer
volunteers have developed. However, there has        Services Manager Nancy Collins at 603-526-5133
been no “elbow room” in that cramped facility        or to
to accommodate them.                                 learn more about our needs
                                                     in Newport and whether
But not anymore! We hope that “Build it and          you might be able to
they will come” will prove true as we develop a      help there.
volunteer program at our brand-new Newport
Health Center. The building has been designed to
include a space for a volunteer greeter just inside
the main entrance, and there is a volunteer office

Consider a year-end donation to New London Hospital.
We rely on strong community support of our mission!
Please see envelope provided.

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