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And there’s more. The Woods recounted two additional instances of emergency trips to NLH. “Our
granddaughter got an ear infection from swimming so we took her to the ER. She was given medication,
which helped relieve her pain and allowed her to enjoy the rest of her vacation,” said Carole. Another
instance had to do with an imagined illness: “Our daughter brought her 5-year-old son Iain to the ER because
he was complaining that his stomach hurt. He kept saying that
he needed an X-ray because he thought he had swallowed a
small ball from a Lego set. He was upset and that was making his
brothers upset too,” said Dave. “The physician at NLH handled
the situation with kindness and empathy, and explained to Iain
after examining him that he hadn’t really swallowed anything.
They didn’t belittle his feelings.”
The Woods are impressed with the consistent level of care and
kindness they and their family have received at NLH over the
years. They have supported the hospital by attending several fundraising events, such as the annual Gala. “New
London Hospital is a vital asset to the community and to us,” said Dave. “That’s why we are motivated to
support it.”
Said Carole, “Our first inclination in an emergency is to go New London Hospital. Many other people in our
community feel that way too.” We hope the Woods and their extended family have no further needs for our
emergency care—be it imagined, life-threatening or anything in between. But if they do, we will be here for them.
NLH is pleased to welcome Amy Schneider, MD to
its Family Medicine team. Dr. Schneider has cared
for patients and their families in Andover, NH since
most recently at Andover Family Practice/
I look forward to getting to
know the people in and
around New London and
I am excited to be a part
of the larger professional
community at New London
Hospital,” commented
Dr. Schneider. “I loved serving
Andover for the past 10 years,
and want all my patients and
others there to know that
I will still be available
to them at my new
office with the New
London Hospital Medical
Group.” She continued,
What I love the most
about being a family
physician is getting to know my patients and their
families and helping them grow and stay healthy.
I also want to help them understand any health
issues they may encounter so that they can be active
participants in their care.”
Dr. Schneider has been
the Director of Health
Services at Proctor
Academy in Andover
and previously was
a family physician at
Tilton Family Health
Care and the school physician at the Tilton School.
She earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical
School in Boston, MA and completed her Residency
at UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA. When not
caring for her patients, she enjoys traveling with her
husband and being with their six grown children and
their families. She also likes to garden, read a good
book and spend time with her dog.
For more information or to schedule an appointment
with Dr. Schneider, call 603-526-5544.
Family Medicine Physician, Amy Schneider, MD Joins NLH
“ ”
I look forward
to getting to
know the people
in and around
New London...