| Friends NEWSLETTER | WINTER 2015
Compassionate Emergency Care
that Spans Generations
Carole and David Wood of Grantham
have a special place in their hearts
for New London Hospital (NLH).
In their journey through life,
first as vacationers to the
Lake Sunapee region, now
as full-time residents, NLH
has been a valued health
care resource for their
family. They use the words
kindness,” “compassion”
and “caring” repeatedly
to describe both their
long-ago and more recent
NLH experiences.
The first of these experiences was
in the 1970s—and it made an indelible
impression on the couple. In her mid-30s, Carole
came “face-to-face with her mortality,” and NLH was
there to save her life. While Carole and Dave were living
in New Jersey with their two young daughters, they
were planning a vacation to visit Carole’s parents in
the Lake Sunapee area. Shortly before the trip, Carole
began having severe cramps and went to her local
emergency room. She was told there was a possibility
that she had an ectopic or tubal pregnancy, and was
given some symptoms to watch for. Before leaving for
New Hampshire, she consulted with her doctor, who
didn’t see any reason to postpone her trip.
Once Carole was in the Lake Sunapee region, however,
her discomfort turned into something worse. Dave was
attending a local conference, so Carole’s dad took her
to NLH’s Emergency Department. “I remember that a
member of the ER staff was there to meet me at the
door with a wheelchair,” she said. Her blood pressure
was dangerously low, and Dr. Clough, the attending
physician, diagnosed that she indeed had an ectopic
pregnancy and that emergency surgery was needed.
He told me that if I hadn’t gotten to the ER when I did
I could have died,” recounts Carole. Dave was able to
get to NLH to see Carole before she went into surgery,
and was allowed to stay with her in the recovery room.
I was grateful that I could be there when Carole
awoke from the anesthesia—that didn’t
happen in many hospitals,” said
Dave. “From the time I arrived to
the time I left, NLH took very
good care of me!” says Carole.
Decades later, after their
children had grown, the
Woods retired in Grantham.
Says Carole, “We had loved
spending vacations in the
Lake Sunapee area—living
here full-time has been a
dream come true.”
Now they keep very busy
volunteering and enjoying all that the
area has to offer, and they regularly host
their grandchildren here. These visits have given
the Woods more reason to appreciate having NLH
close by. Carole explains: “One night, our grandson
Charlie, who was about 3 or 4 years old at the time,
woke up coughing and gasping for air. We called
the ER at New London Hospital and spoke with a
physician’s assistant who suggested that it could be
croup and to bring Charlie out into the night air
to help his breathing. However, he cautioned that
he could not diagnose without seeing the patient.
The night air improved Charlie’s symptoms, but as
Charlie’s grandparents, we needed extra assurance.
So Dave brought Charlie to the ER, and the physician’s
assistant examined Charlie and assured Dave that it
was an upper respiratory issue, nothing serious. He
understood our concern and didn’t make it seem at all
like we were wasting his time.”
Carole and her twin grandsons