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Get the Scoop on Shoveling
Select an ergonomic snow shovel
with a curved handle.
Warm up those muscles! A short
warm-up is important as cold
muscles are more prone to injury.
Wear slip-resistant shoes with
good treads to help minimize
slipping and/or falls. Snow cleats can
provide additional traction.
Do not overload your shovel;
shoveling small amounts of snow
is less strenuous.
Do not throw snow over your
shoulders. When possible, push
snow rather than lifting it. When
lifting avoid twisting your back
to move the snow.
Pace yourself, take plenty of
breaks and stay hydrated.
1 “
Winter Sports Injury Prevention.” American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. n.p. Web. 29 Dec. 2014.
Dr. Murphy is an Orthopaedic Specialist and
Chief Medical Officer for NLH. Previously,
Dr. Murphy was an orthopaedic surgeon at
Dartmouth-Hitchcock for more than 25 years.
He specializes in hand/orthopaedic surgery.
An Orthopaedic Specialist and Residency
Director for Dartmouth-Hitchcock who
is now seeing patients at NLH, Dr. Carr
also serves as an Associate Professor of
Orthopaedic Surgery for the Geisel School
of Medicine and as the Director of Sports
Medicine and the Head Team Physician for
Dartmouth College. His specialties include
sports medicine and orthopaedic issues
affecting the shoulder/elbow and knees.
James Murphy, MD
Charles Carr, MD
When it comes to winter activities, one needs to be careful about going from a period of inactivity directly to a
sport such as skiing or snowboarding without some preparation. Preseason training and getting oneself physically
conditioned before jumping on the slopes is a wise rule to follow,” continued Dr. Carr. “Similarly, if you’re headed
out to shovel the driveway or clear the roof of snow, be sure you are physically capable and put on appropriate
winter gear such as snow cleats to prevent slips and falls. And remember to always pace yourself.”
Whether you’re having fun on the trails at Mount Sunapee, tubing down the Pinnacle Plunge at Ragged, going
for a winter hike up Mount Kearsarge, playing pond hockey or simply trying to keep the snow off your walkway,
please follow the tips in this article to keep yourself safe this winter.
Meet Two Members of Our Orthopaedic Team
Photo by Mary Beth Westward – Emmbee Photography