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Friends of New London Hospital                             Non Profit Organization
273 County Road                                                 US Postage Paid
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                                                                  Permit No. 15

Volunteer Spotlight: Jane and Jim Hunt

Jane and Jim Hunt volunteer at the front desk of our       Riley (10 years old) and Elliot (8 months old), traveling,
main building, covering the 7 AM to 9 AM time slot on      walking, reading, gardening, and attending Colby-
Mondays and Fridays. Five years ago Jane heard from a      Sawyer College sporting events.
friend that NLH was looking for volunteers and decided
to explore available opportunities. She began as a                                                                  Says Jane
substitute helping out in the Friends Gift Shop and later                                                           about
transferred to the front desk when a regular weekly                                                                 their NLH
shift opened up there. Two years ago, Jim decided to                                                                participation,
volunteer at the front desk as well.                                                                                “The program
                                                                                                                    is so well
Both Jane and Jim truly enjoy their volunteer work at                                                               organized
NLH. It happens that their professional careers were                                                                and the staff
also in the medical field. They each came to the Upper                                                              we work
Valley in 1970: Jim from Wooster, OH and Jane from                                                                  with and
Rumford, ME. They met while working at the VA                                                                       the patients
Medical Center in White River Junction, VT and then                                                                 we serve
married in 1981. Jim worked as a physician assistant in    seem so appreciative of our efforts. Volunteering at
oncology and retired after 29 years; Jane worked as a      New London Hospital makes us feel that we are doing
research associate and retired after 35 years.             something good for our community.” And they are!
                                                           Greeting those who enter our facility, answering their
For 18 years the Hunts lived in Norwich, VT, with their    basic questions, directing them to their destinations—
daughter Darcey and son Brian. In 2001, they relocated     these and other contributions of front desk volunteers
to Eastman in Grantham, NH and a year ago they             like the Hunts support the NLH commitment to quality
moved to New London. When not volunteering, the            patient care in a welcoming community hospital
Hunts enjoy spending time with their grandchildren,        setting. Our thanks to Jane and Jim for all they do!

Christina O’Halloran, Editor, Marketing & Special Events
Nancy Collins, Contributor, Volunteer Services
Kathleen Kennedy, Contributor, Annual Fund & Donor Stewardship
Karen Zurheide, Contributor, Community Relations & Development
Betty Lutsky & Joan Ward, Volunteer Proofreaders
Sullivan Creative, Editing, Design & Layout

Direct all questions and comments to 603-526-5526 or

Please write to the Community Relations and Development Office, New London Hospital, 273 County Road, New London, NH 03257 if you wish to have your name
removed from the list of people who receive marketing and/or fundraising requests from the hospital. In the event that you write to us with this request, all
reasonable efforts will be taken to ensure that you will not receive any marketing and fundraising communications from us, excluding postal patron mailings.
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