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Mr. and Mrs. Stanley I. Cundey, Jr.                  Dr. and Mrs. John A. Kreager, Jr.          New London Fire Department
  Bonnie Dale                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Lineberry             New London Highway Department
  Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Davis                           Dr. and Mrs. Morton D. Lynn                New London Historical Society
  Parker and Karen Dewey                                Mr. and Mrs. David E. Marshall             New London Police Department
  Mrs. Marjorie H. Dillinger                            Mr. and Mrs. John Mickle                   New London Recreation Department
  Mr. and Mrs. David J. Donovan                         Ken and Linda Miller                       Town of New London
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Elliott, Jr.                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson              Activities
  Mrs. Joan Fellows                                     James and Kathryn Nichol                   C asey Biuso
  Pennryn and Barbara Fitts                             Mr. and Mrs. John H. O’Connor              Car Nutz Car Club
  Dr. Timothy B. Gardner                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pitkin                   Community Crafters
  Mr. Robert J. Gaudrault                               Lynda and Ed Reinish                       Community Dunk Tank Dunkees
  Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Goddard II                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rex                 Friends of New London Hospital
  Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Griggs                         Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Reynders Jr.         Kearsarge Wildcats Youth Football
  Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gundy                         Mr. and Mrs. James P. Sadowsky             Morgan Hill Bookstore
  Mrs. Janet Miller Haines and Mr. Richard C. Haines    Sage’s Interiors                           New London Garden Club
  Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Hambley                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Sahler                New London Lions Club
  Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hewitt                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Stewart            New London Outing Club
  Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Huot                         Ms. Nancy R. Stone                         New London Rotary Club
  Mr. and David B. Irwin                                Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Sweetland            Joan Robinson
  Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Jordan                           Linda Tanner                               Skyeview Alpacas
  Ms. Marilyn R. Kidder                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Theroux            Upper Valley Humane Society
  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. King                            Lori and J.T. Underwood                    Volunteers - in many other roles including gift shop,
  Dr. John W. Kirk                                      Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walters               jewelry, knitting, bake sales
  Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. LaValley                       Ms. Sharon Whitaker                      Parade
  Ms. Jessie W. Levine                                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Wilkie              Grand Marshals - Tina and Bill Helm
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Lovely, Sr.                     Deanna and Scott Wilson                    Judges - Debbie Campbell, Marion Hafner
  Cynthia and David Marshall                            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Wolf
  Mr. and Mrs. John Miller                              Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wood                   and Roxanne Shedd
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson                           Mr. and Mrs. David G. Wyand                ABC’s Child Care Center
  Mrs. Kathryn Nichol                                   Karen J. Zurheide                          Adventures in Learning
  Rep. Virginia O’Brien Irwin and Mr. David Irwin     Golf Invitational                            Allioops! Flowers and Gifts
  Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Otto, Jr.                     Eagle Group Sponsor - $10,000 combined       American Legion Post 40
  Carolyn A. Pelzel and Bruce McClintock                M r. and Mrs. Stanley I. Cundey, Jr.      Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust
  Susan and David Reeves                                Mr. and Mrs. Mason G. Delafield            Matthew Ayers
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rex                               Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. MacVittie             Barton Insurance Agency
  Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Reynders, Jr.                   Mr. and Mrs. David E. Marshall             Blue Mountain Guitar Center
  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Rosen                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rex                 Cabaret Dance and Fitness
  Mr. and Mrs. James P. Sadowsky                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Rice                Anne Carey
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Sahler                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Segalini           George Carlucci
  Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Schissel                   Par Sponsor - $2,500                         Colby-Sawyer College
  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Starkey, Jr.                   A nthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of NH      Tom DeMille
  Mr. and Mrs. John J. Unkles, Jr.                      Boston Private Bank & Trust Company        Dr. Elliot Fair
  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walters                          Engelberth Construction, Inc.              Sue and Ed Henderson
  Tanya and Robert Wilkie                               Hinckley, Allen & Snyder LLP               Honey Grove Farm
  Mr. Michael Willitts                                  Workplace Benefit Solutions                The Ice House
  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Wolf                         Cart Sponsor - $1,000                        Jeff Hopkins
  Mr. and Mrs. Austin Wood                              H ealth Plans, Inc.                       Mac Johnston
  Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wood                            TDS Telecom                                Joe McCarthy
Newport Health Center Flood Recovery                    Upper Valley Neurology Neurosurgery        Kearsarge Community Band
  Anonymous (1)                                      Tee Sponsor - $500                           Kearsarge Youth Hockey
  Mr. and Mrs. David S. Andrews                         C arroll Concrete Company                 Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce
  Mr. and Mrs. James B Antell                           Eastern Propane Gas, Inc.                  Lake Sunapee Region VNA and Hospice
  Dr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Barban                        Kerrigan’s Fuel & Convenience, LLC.        Lloyd Littlefield
  David and Fay Barden                                  Lavallee Brensinger Architects             Bruce Marshall
  Barrette Family Fund                                  New England Life Care                      Douglas and Barbara McKelvy
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bell                           Northeast Delta Dental                     Alexis and Alexander Mennona
  Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Bickford                    Other                                        Paul Messer
  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Blunt, Jr.                         M r. and Mrs. Griffin P. Manning          Charlie and Miriam Nelson
  Mr. and Mrs. James M. Campbell                        Newport Shopping Plaza Associates          New Hampshire State Police
  Richard and Sage Chase                              Gifts In Kind                                New Hampshire Troubadours
  Mr. and Mrs. William S. Colehower                     G ary Summerton Photography               New London Barn Playhouse, Inc.
  Terri Crate                                           Mount Sunapee Resort                       New London Fire Department
  Mrs. Mary Anne D’Alton                                The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille         New London Historical Society
  Steven Root and Karen Ebel                          Hospital Days	                               New London Kindergarten
  Mr. and Mrs. Louis Edmonds                          Sponsor - $2,500                             New London Police Department
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Elliott, Jr.                   Lake Sunapee Bank                          New London Recreation Department
  Dr. Kris A. Eschbach and Jay Pitocchelli            Sponsor - $1,500                             Newport Tigerettes
  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ferries                          C hadwick Funeral Service                 Spring Ledge Farm
  Dr. and Mrs. Rick J. Fingeroth                      Sponsor - $1,000                             Springfield Police
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Foose                          Newton-Bartlett Funeral Home               Sunapee Kearsarge Intercommunity Theatre
  Mr. and Mrs. David Foss                               Sugar River Bank                           Tiger Mountain Shotokan Karate
  Mr. Robert Freitas                                  Sponsor - $500                               Wilmot Fire Department
  Mr. and Mrs. Wayne French                             Colonial Pharmacy                          Wilmot Public Library
  Mr. Mark Geer                                       Sponsor - $250                               Woodcrest Village
  Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Goober                           B arton Insurance Agency                  Donald Wright
  Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gundy                         Bonin Architects                         Gifts In Kind
  Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hause                               Hubert’s of New London                     B elletetes
  Tina and Bill Helm                                    Marshall’s Garage                          Casella Waste Management
  Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hewitt                           Pleasant Lake Veterinary Hospital          DadoPrint
  Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hiley                           Service Credit Union                       Eagle Printing & Publishing, LLC
  Anne and Ken Holmes                                   Sullivan Creative                          Hannaford of New London
  Mr. and Mrs. David Hoyt                             Sponsor - $100                               Intertown Record
  Ms. Laura Jacobi                                      A pple Tree Opticians                     Koor Communications, Inc.
  Debra and Skip Johnson                                Coldwell Banker Milestone Real Estate      League of NH Craftsmen
  Mr. Robert Judge, Jr. and Mrs. Barbara A.Nenninger    New London Insurance Agency                Mount Sunapee Resort
  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. King                          Multi-Day Support and Participation          Newport Chevrolet Buick GMC
  Dr. John W. Kirk                                      Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce    Newport Golf Club
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