Page 7 - Friends Newsletter Spring 2015
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Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Burton                      Mr. and Mrs. David E. Marshall           Dr. Richard G. Osborne
  Mr. and Mrs. John Canning                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quinlan             Ms. Kimberly Pike
  Ms. Ann S. Clarkson                              Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walters             Ms. Margaret P. Prew
  Mrs. Mary B. Doyle                             3D Mammography                             Ms. Trisha Ripley
  Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Ferguson                   Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hiley              Mr. Anthony Salvatoriello
  Mr. and Mrs. John Hill                         ABC’s Childcare                            Sally Smart
  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Horn, Jr.                M r. and Mrs. Robert S. Bruguiere       Ms. Pallah Stimpson
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lazdowski                   Ms. Laurie A. Hayes                      Sarah Tomlin
  Ms. Virginia M. Macvicar                       Art Program Gift in Kind                   Lori and J.T. Underwood
  David and Sheila Manischewitz Charitable Fund    Ms. Liz D’Amico                          Mr. Ronald Vincent
  Mr. Mark Nelson                                Brecht Study                               Mr. Michael Willitts
  Anne W. Pattison                                 C eleste and David Cook               Mammography Fund
  B ev and Dave Payne                             Mrs. Mary B. Doyle                       L ake Sunapee Country Club Women’s Golf
  Mr. George T. Richards                           Mr. Stephen W. Ensign
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Stewart                  Tina and Bill Helm                         Association Tournament, netting $27,612.
  Mr. and Ms. David Webster                        Mr. and Mrs. David E. Marshall             Our thanks to the many businesses, individuals
  Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Whipple                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rex                 and volunteers who gave, played and
  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Whittaker               Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Stewart            otherwise participated.
  Anki Wolf                                        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Wolf              C oncord Orthopaedics, P.A.
In Memory of Alison Curtis                       Clough Center Activities                   Ms. Ann Jones
  Mr. and Mrs. H. James Toffey                    M r. and Mrs. Ernst M. Bewersdorf       Mrs. Gail Matthews
  Mr. and Mrs. John J. Unkles, Jr.                 Maurice D. Reney                         Newport Health Center Staff
In Memory of Allan Doyle                         Clough Center Aquarium                   Nurses Week Gifts in Kind	
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Breck, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. David P. Harris             Dr. and Mrs. Sean D. Bears
  Celeste and David Cook                         Clough Center Unrestricted                 BJ’s Wholesale Club
  Mr. and Mrs. David J. Donovan                    T he Boys Club of New London            Clarke's Hardware
  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Downey                 The Brown Foundation, Inc.               Mr. Tomie de Paola
  Hager Investment Management                    Employee Appreciation Event                Dr. Donald Eberly
  Tina and Bill Helm                               M ascoma Savings Bank                   Anne and Ken Holmes
  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Horn, Jr.                Gifts In Kind                            Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. King
  Mr. Harry D. McGee                               Bistro Nouveau                           Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Lucas
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Rodts                      Bubba’s Bar & Grille                     Dr. and Mrs. James Murphy
  Mr. and Mrs. F. Augustus Seamans                 Gary Summerton Photography               Dr. and Mrs. Steven W. Powell
  Mr. and Mrs. George P. Stephan                   Hogan Sports Center                      Roberts-Scarlett Pharmacy
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Stewart                  Montshire Museum of Science              Serendipity Boutique
In Memory of Thomas R. Gross                       The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille       Uniformly Yours
  Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cohen                       The Old Courthouse                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Vincigermar
  Mr. Matt Dery and Mrs. Cynthia Pliakas-Dery      Uniformly Yours                          Mr. Michael Willitts
  Mrs. Susanne O. Hammond                        Employee Education Scholarship Funds     Dr. John H. Ohler Community
  Waterville Company, Inc.                         R ichard and Sage Chase               Health Lecture
In Memory of Jean H. Hearne                        Mr. and Mrs. Mason G. Delafield          D r. Eileen P. Kirk
  Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Ingerman                  Mrs. Mary B. Doyle                       Dr. Richard G. Osborne
In Memory of Hope Peterson Howard                  Bob and Linda Ewing                      Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Schissel
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darling                    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gundy            Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Vincigermar
  Glenview Trust Company                           Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hiley              Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Wolfe
In Memory of Janet “Sis” Lewis                     Mr. and Mrs. William C. Horn, Jr.      Pediatric Services Gift in Kind
  Mrs. Judith K. Wallace                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kaplan                 Dr. Ashley Miller
In Memory of Lucille Lineberry                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Leach          Physical Therapy Gift in Kind
  Rose M. Orlando for Clough Center Activities    Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Logan             Mr. James Hand
In Memory of Margaret Litzel                       Ms. Virginia C. Milord                 Tiger Treatment Center
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bramley                    Dr. and Mrs. William A. Shucart          G erard and Jane Gold
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul Slye                   Ledyard National Bank
    for Clough Center Activities                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Taylor         Trustee and Medical Staff Meeting
  Eric Miller and Alison Bramley Miller            Ms. Linda Tober                          Anne and Ken Holmes
                                                 Emergency Medical Services               Volunteer Recognition Day Gifts in Kind
    for Clough Center Activities                   Eastman Community Association            H ogan Sports Center
  Bev and Dave Payne                             Friends Gift Shop Gift in Kind             New London Barn Playhouse, Inc.
In Memory of Mary McGee                            Ms. Bonnie Lariviere                     The Fells Estate
  Celeste and David Cook                        Helping Hands (to assist NLH employees)    Timberland, LLC
  Mrs. Mary Anne D’Alton                           A nonymous (1)                          Unleashed
  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Downey                 Ms. Eileen Alterisio                     Karen J. Zurheide
  Steven Root and Karen Ebel                       Ms. Jane Arsenault                     Wheel Chair Fund	
  Mrs. Judith Grocott                              Mrs. Erica Belisle                       Ms. Sheridan S. Danforth
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Groulx                      Ms. Sherry Brand                       Come Fly With Us - Annual Benefit	
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Hager                      Mr. and Ms. Jim Bridgeo                Compass Level Sponsor - $2,500
  Joan Ward Trust                                  Ms. Jamie Buccheri                       L ake Sunapee Bank
  Paul and Ann Linehan                             Ms. Barbara Buck                         Sugar River Bank
  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Miller                   Ms. Karen E. Chase                     Take-off Level Sponsor - $1,000
  Margaret Parker                                  Ms. Lisa Cohen                           H ager Investment Management
  Mrs. Deirdre L. Segerson                         Mr. Stephen V. Colanero                  MJ Harrington Jewelers
In Memory of Robert D. Stevens                     Mrs. Nancy J. Collins                    Taylor Cottrill Investment Advisors
  Mr. Nathaniel Stevens                            Ms. Myla Danforth                      Propeller Level Sponsor- $500
In Memory of Francis R. White                      Ms. Kathryn Denish                       C HA
for Social Services Department                     Mrs. Maureen Dietrich                    Stifel - New London
  Laurie and Joseph DiClerico                     Ms. Gleora Fisher                      Supporter - $50 to $1,500
  Mr. Wilbert C. Hardy III                         Emily E. Foehl                           D r. and Mrs. Gregory M. Barban
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoye                         Mr. and Mrs. David Foss                  Mr. and Mrs. David W. Barden
  Lyon Brook Community Assoc.                      Ms. Linda C. Frederick                   Mr. and Mrs. David Batulis
Building for Health in Newport                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald Griffin              Ms. Toni Berns
Capital Campaign                                   Arlene and Mark Halsted                  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Blunt, Jr.
  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. King                       Mr. Arthur Kline                         Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Boege
Building Towards the Future                        James Lepich                             Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Bright
Capital Campaign                                   Ms. Tania MacNeil                        Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Burton
  Dr. and Mrs. Donald Catino                      Ms. Bonnie Marino                        Dr. and Mrs. John R. Butterly
  Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Covert                    Mr. James M. McCarthy                    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Campbell
  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ferries                     Sally T. Morrill                         Richard and Sage Chase
  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Homan                    Hope Nylen                               Mr. James Connolly and Mrs. Jean Cronin Connolly
  MJ Harrington Jewelers                                                                    Celeste and David Cook
  Gary and Cicely Markoff
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