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Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Brown                      M rs. Barbara Hunting                       Mrs. Julia Servadio in memory
Ms. Barbara Buck                                    Ms. Louise G. Huntoon                          of Oliver Servadio
Mrs. Jacqueline A. Buck in memory of David A. Buck  The Hutcheson Family
Mrs. Carolyn M. Byrne in memory                     Virginia D. Johnson                          Mrs. Mary G. Shepard
                                                    Mr. Alan T. Jones in memory of Richard Herd  Mrs. Marilyn M. Simoneau in memory
  of James T. Byrne, Jr.                            Ms. Barbara Jones in memory of Bin Lewis
Debbie Campbell & Bruce Collamore                   Mr. and Mrs. F. Donald Jones                   of Wayne G. Simoneau
Ms. Jacqueline M. Canton                            Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Kaplan                Mrs. Gladys R. Smith in memory of Rowland Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Cetron                     Mr. and Mrs. William Keeshan                 Mrs. Gladys R. Smith in memory of Harold F. Smith
Mrs. Eva M. Charles                                 Kelley and David Keith                       Mr. and Mrs. D. Gene Stanphill
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Chase                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Kellom               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Stevenson
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Clark                        Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Keller               Christine Stewart
Mrs. Millicent Cleveland                            Ms. Kathleen Kennedy                         Mrs. Barbara F. Steward
Mr. and Mrs. Verne R. Clow                          Mr. Scott Kidder                             Mrs. E. Leslie Stone
Ms. Alison A. Coady                                 Mr. Arthur Kline                             Col. William C. Sullivan, Jr.
Mrs. Joyce C. Coffin                                Mrs. Lois Konon                              Mr. Andrew R. Supplee
Ms. Lisa Cohen                                      Mr. Tim Kulka                                Mrs. Doreen M. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Colcord                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lawton               Mr. and Mrs. William D. Tighe
Mr and Mrs. Anthony J. Consentino                   Mr. and Mrs. Lengyel                         Mrs. Barbara B. Travis
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Corbett                      Paul and Ann Linehan                         Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Troxell
Mrs. Shirley S. Crepon                              Mrs. Mary J. Liston                          Rudy and Anne Umscheid
Miss Christine L. Cricenti                          Mrs. Jacqueline Little                       Ms. Rebecca S. Underhill
Rip and Debbie Cross                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard U. Lizotte              Mr. and Mrs. Gene D. Venable
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Curran                       Ms. Ann R. Loeffler                          Mr. and Mrs. John Vernalia
Mr. Charles F. Curtis                               Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lombardi                   Mr. Ronald Vincent
Ms. Judith A. Curtis                                Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lutsky                     Mrs. Joan Ward in memory of Sydney Ward
Ms. Dana Dakin                                      Mr. and Mrs. Peter Machen                    Mr. John W. Waterbury
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Denise                      Mr. John E. MacKenzie                        Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Weiss
Nicole Densmore                                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Mack                 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wells
Mr. Alec DeSimone in memory                         Ms. Mary Christine Major                     Mr. and Mrs. Perry L. Wheaton
                                                    Tom and Liz Maloof                           Mrs. Nancy B. Whynall in memory
  of Martha and Alec DeSimone                       Mr. and Mrs. John T. Manaras
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Desimone                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Manuel                 of Richard G. Whynall
Mrs. Marjorie H. Dillinger                          Mrs. Barbara Marks                           Mr. Michael Willitts
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Dow                               Mrs. Arlene B. Marshall in memory            Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando A. Duran                                                                   Michael Wood and Lisa Ensign Wood
Rev. and Mrs. Richard W. Dutton                       of Frances Marshall, RN                    June and Hank Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Eaton                       Neil Martlew                                 Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink
Ms. Dorothy Ann Egan                                Mike and Carol McGarry                       Mr. Michael Yurick
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Eliassen                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKee                    Ms. Marilyn J. Ziffrin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Ellwood in memory            Tim and Jane McMurrich                       Corporate Matching
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. McKinnon in memory
  of Ruth Ellwood                                                                                  Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Prof. Mary L. Eysenbach                               of Mary Cunningham Bailey                    FM Global Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Faughnan                         Graham and Jane Ann McSwiney                   GE Foundation
Joan J. Fellows Trust                               Barbara Miller                               Memorials
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Filbin                         Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Moses                 We are grateful to these who have passed recently
Ms. Katharine C. Fischer                            Mr. and Mrs. John H. Munson                  and to their families who chose to direct memorial
Ms. Gleora Fisher, RN                               Phil and Carmela Murray                      gifts to New London Hospital. Donations supported
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Flight                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Naughton III          our Annual Fund, unless otherwise indicated.
John and Maggie Ford                                Bob and Priscilla Nerad                      In Memory of Isabel Bergin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Foss                        Katheryn Neuberger                             Mr. Thain Allan
Laura Beth and Bob Foster                           The New London Inn                             Mr. Neil P. Atkins
Roger and Karen Foulkes                             Peter and Jeana Newbern                        Mr. Joseph Bergin
Robert Funkhouser and Julie Bretschger              Mrs. Alice D. Nulsen                           Jody Dedo
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Garrand                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Nye                     Mr. Walter F. Delorey
Mr. John B. Garvey and Ms. Cotton M. Cleveland      Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Pasculano                 Mr. and Mrs. John Doyle
Mr. Richard Gassett in honor of Karen Zurheide,     Mrs. Alice Perry                               Mrs. Eleanor Drown
                                                    Mr. John L. Peterson                           Ms. Ruth E. Gourley for Nursing Education
  Community Member of the Year                      Dr. and Mrs. William G. Phippen                Mrs. Virginia N. Halsey
Mrs. Leni Gillespie                                 Mr. Frederick Pratt                            Mrs. Susanne O. Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Gilvar                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Pratt                     Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Hennigar
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ginter in honor              Ms. Margaret P. Prew                           Ms. Brenda Lumsden
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Price                  Mr. and Mrs. William Shea
  of Alex Lutsky’s birthday                         Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Putnam                   Mr. and Mrs. Leicester H. Sherrill, Jr.
Gail M. Goddard                                     Mr. and Mrs. Dwight C. Reel                    Ms. Helen Tarapata for Nursing Education
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Goldsmith                     Susan and David Reeves                         Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith
Ms. Eleanor M. Goldthwait                           Mrs. Diana Richards                            Dr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Golowka                     Marion F. Richards                             David and Nancy Springsteen
Mr. Elbridge W. Grover                              Ms. Mary F. Ritz                               E. Clinton and Bonnie A. Swift
Mr. Raymond A. Haering                              Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Robar                   Kay W. Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hallahan, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rockart                 In Memory of Jerry Biron
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hallahan                    Ms. Sharon Rogers                              O’Neill Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Hambley                     Mr. Donald E. Ross in memory                 In Memory of Marion McCabe Biron
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Betty Hamilton                                                              Mr. Joseph Bergin
Mrs. Susanne O. Hammond                               of Prudence L. Ross                          Ms. Jacqueline M. Canton
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Harrison                    Mr. and Mrs. Ward F. Rowley                    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Champagne
Mr. and Mrs. B. Neal Harris                         Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell K. Rudnick               Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Groulx
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Harris                        Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rumery                    Bo and Sidney Grove
Mrs. Joan Harris                                    Mr. Anthony Salvatoriello                      Bryan and Cindy Jones
David and Marianne Harrison                         Drs. Fred and Mary Ann Salvatoriello           Paul and Ann Linehan
Mr. Arthur M. Hildreth                              Mr. and Mrs. Emory W. Sanders                  The Simon & Nancy Pongratz Family
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Hites                       Mr. and Mrs. David B. Sargent                  Ms. Lucille M. Radovich
Mr. Marshall Hoke                                   Martha and Lee Schimberg                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Sahler
Mrs. Ruth Hollis                                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Schwemm              In Memory of Anna Faulkner Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Horn, Jr.                   Rhoda and Louis Scovell Charitable             Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Adams, Jr.
Mrs. Constance B. Howard                                                                           Ms. Deborah K. Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Howard                       Foundation Fund                              Julie and Foster Boardman
Mrs. Catee G. Hubbard                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Sebring
Ms. Rachel Hufault
Mr. and Mrs. Millard B. Hunter
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