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New London Hospital                                                                                      Walter and Eleanor Angoff
2014 Giving Report                                                                                       David and Fay Barden
                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Breck, Jr.
                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. John Brimmell
                                                                                                         Mrs. Dawn M. Carter
                                                                                                         Mrs. Esther M. Cartensen
Annual Fund                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Lineberry, gift in kind       Mr. and Mrs. William P. Clough
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Marshall                    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cunningham
Founder’s Circle - $25,000 & Above                    Carmine J. Matarazzo Charitable Foundation         Muriel H. Deacon
  Emma Anderson Trust                                Mrs. Gail Matthews in honor of Dr. Louis Kowalski  Mrs. Ann M. Denny in memory of Charles Denny
  Evelyn Jenkins Trust                                McCree Family Fund                                 Mrs. Olive Hadley Dorr in memory of
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson                         Edward and Linda Nelson
  Patricia D. Kelsey 1991 Revocable Trust             Mr. Alexei M. Neuwirt                                Richard Hadley and George A. Dorr, Jr.
  Woodis Merrifield Charitable Trust                  George Nussbaum Family Trust                       Judith Ann Eldridge

Chairman’s Circle - $10,000-$24,999                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. O’Rourke, Jr.               Pennryn and Barbara Fitts
  Anonymous (3)                                      Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Pierson                      Mr. Donald Griffin
  Celeste and David Cook in memory of Jay Hartwell    Mrs. Bette Jean Plant in memory                    Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hall in memory
  Barrette Family Fund
                                                        of David W. Plant                                  of Dottie Ladouceur
                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Haycock
The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Francis Redican                       Mr. Christopher Healy
Margaret L. Ensor Trust                               Mrs. and Mrs. Donald N. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Faircloth                      Mr. Stanley H. Richards in memory                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Holland
                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jantzen
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Marshall                        of Judith G. Richards                              Mrs. Sally Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Williams S. Wesson                       B & J Rosenfield Family Fund of the
                                                        NH Charitable Foundation                         Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Jordan
Trustee’s Circle - $5,000-$9,999                      Mrs. Joyce A. Saturley                             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Koron
  A nonymous (1)                                    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Schiffman in honor of the     Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lancaster
  Theodore and Sarah Bacon                                                                               Dr. and Mrs. William W. Lander
    Charitable Remainder Unitrust                       exceptional care provided by Dr. John W. Kirk    Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Malm
  Chapin Family Fund                                  Mr. and Mrs. John Schofield                        Virginia Cretella Mars
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert D’Alelio                        Mel A. & Pamela A. Shaftel Foundation Inc.         Mrs. Gail Matthews in honor of Dr. Steven Powell
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gill                         Mr. and Mrs. Morton A. Shea
  The Lebaron Foundation                              Ryan Shepard Fund                                    and Emergency Room Nurses of NLH
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rex                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith                       Mrs. Carol B. McCord
  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Snyder                          David and Nancy Springsteen                        Mr. Harry D. McGee
  Mrs. Mary S. Wastcoat                               Stark Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable             Ms. Martha Moor Hill
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Stewart                    Richard Munn and Holley Eaton
                                                                                                           Charitable Gift Fund
President’s Circle - $2,500 - $4,999                    Mr. Robert Theriault                             Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Munro
  Anonymous (1)                                        Dr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Torkelson                 Priscilla W. Ohler in memory
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bascetta                       Mrs. Nellie J. Varga
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Clay                           Mr. and Mrs. Drury L. Vinton                       of Margaret MacIntosh Spinney
  Mr. George E. Cruikshank                              Mrs. Evelyn P. Weber                             Dr. Richard Osborne
  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Downey                      Mrs. Janice L. White                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Paulsen
  Mrs. Janet Miller Haines and Mr. Richard C. Haines    Tanya and Robert Wilkie                          Ms. Polly Roos
  Mr. John P. Harrod                                    Dr. and Mrs. John B. Wilson                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell Register
  Dr. Charles F. Kane                                 $500 - $999                                        Mr. and Mrs. F. Augustus Seamans
                                                       Anonymous (1)                                   Ms. Jane Smedley
Membership Circle - $1,000-$2,499                       Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Boege                       Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith
  A nonymous (3)                                       The Bower Family Charitable Fund                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Sofield
  Mrs. Rosemary J. Black                                Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Burton                       Mrs. Martha Tuttle
  Mrs. Katharine S. Boynton                             Mrs. Virginia Callahan                           Mr. and Mrs. John J. Unkles, Jr. in memory
  Mrs. Cloie Bridgeo                                    Winsor and Barbara Chase
  Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Bright                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Doran                       of Eldon Hanes
  Clare S. Broadbent Trust                            Ms. Marjorie N. Forbes                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Voss
Claude and Joan Marie Broom                           Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Goddard II                  Mr. and Mrs. Renny D. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Brophy                         Mr. Robert T. Grimley in memory of Peg Grimley     Ms. Janie H. Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Brown                         William J. Grove                                   Sandra White
The Steven Buller and Anne Walsh Charitable Fund      Martin Gross and Deirdre Sheerr-Gross              Dr. and Mrs. James Wright
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Butterly                         Mrs. Virginia N. Halsey in memory                  Mr. and Mrs. William G. Zimmerman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Campbell                                                                          Karen J. Zurheide

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Chapin                                of Sheffield J. Halsey                           $1 - $249
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Chidsey                             Mr. Jordan Hegedus in honor of the good work         A nonymous (10)
Mr. David W. Clark, Jr.                                                                                    Edythe and Jay Anderson
Clarke’s Hardware Community Fundraiser                  of Peter and Carolyn Hager in the community        Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Anderson
Mrs. Hilary P. Cleveland                              Henry Family Foundation                              Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Armstrong
The Conaty Family Fund                                Mrs. Jane Hollinger                                  Mr. Donald E. Aronson
Ms. Evangeline Crawford                               Toni and Bill Huther in memory of Susan Huther       Mr. Neil P. Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley I. Cundey, Jr.                   Bryan and Cindy Jones                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Auty
Phillip and Jane Currier Fund of the                  Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kiernan                         Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Avery
                                                      Mrs. Carolyn W. Lockhart                             Mrs. Louise H. Bailey in memory of Floyd P. Bailey
  NH Charitable Foundation                            Mr. Douglas W. Lyon                                  Carol and Sherman Barker in memory
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dulude                           Mr. and Mrs. David MacMillin                           of Barbara and Jim Barker
Mr. Stephen W. Ensign                                 Ken and Linda Miller                                 Mr. Pierce Baugh
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Faccone, Sr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Mordecai                        Mr. and Mrs. David L. Beardsley
Martin and Mickey Feins                               Mrs. Melissa Nelson                                  Mrs. Heiden M. Beckwith
Ferries Family Foundation                             Mr. and Mrs. John H O’Connor                         Ms. Beryl Beltramini in memory
Dr. and Mrs. Rick J. Fingeroth                        Pamela Perkins and Bo Quackenbos                       of Warren Beltramini
Mr. and Mrs. David Foss                               Gloria and Frank Pipp Family Fund                    Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bensley
Foulkes Family Fund                                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Rodts                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bergquist
Greenbaum Family Foundation, Inc.                     C. W. Schellenger                                    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bickford
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Hager                           Mrs. Deirdre L. Segerson                             Mrs. Barbara M. Billings
Mrs. Rosli Hanslin                                    Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Sherrill, Jr.                     Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Bingham
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hewitt                           Mrs. Jane P. Springer                                Mr. and Mrs. Erle G. Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hiley                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Swiggett                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Bodurtha, Jr.
Anne and Ken Holmes                                   Richard & Avone Thieleh Charitable Fund              Dr. Wally D. Borgen
Ms. Kieran A. Kays                                    Wilma S. Warde Donor Advised Fund of                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Borgman
Dr. Carolyn Kerrigan and Mr. David Greenwood
                                                        NH Charitable Foundation

Henry and Polly Kidder                                $250 - $499                                        Mary Kay Boudewyns and Robert Sadlemire
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. King                              A nonymous (2)                                  Mr. Richard N. Brady
Ms. Helen C. Kingsley                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Aldrich                  Ms. Helen P. Bridge
Dr. John W. Kirk                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brinckerhoff
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