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As the Song Goes...

It is YOU who put the "community" in the term           Likewise, Evelyn Weber exclaims, "Of course I support
"community hospital," as NLH enjoys tremendous          New London Hospital! They have taken such good
support from our 15-town community. That support        care of me over the decades. I can’t imagine living
comes in the form of patients who use our services,     here without them."
volunteers who invest their time and talents in our
work, businesses that sponsor our activities, and       As needed as these and hundreds of other
friends who give to our Annual Fund and other special   dependable longtime friends are, we must also make
funding needs.                                          new donor-friends from among those who have been
                                                        in the community for some time and from among
Considering those who contribute their financial        newer arrivals to this region.
support, the old campfire song comes to mind:
                                                        Transitioning in retirement from their home in
Make new                                                Connecticut to living in New London, new friends
friends, but                                            Steve Buller and Anne Walsh have chosen to include
keep the old.                                           NLH in their local giving. Steve says, "We are grateful
One is silver                                           to have all the services of New London Hospital
and the                                                 available so close to our new home—including
other gold.                                             emergency care that a visiting relative who was
                                                        suddenly ill had the 'opportunity' to test out some
We appreciate our longtime donors who continue          months ago, receiving excellent treatment." Adds
year after year to make giving to NLH a priority. We    Anne, "We want to do our part to support New
depend on you! Examples of such friendship are many.    London Hospital for ourselves and for
                                                        the community."
A supporter of NLH for over 40 years, Steve Ensign
says, "The hospital is one of the most important local    “Of course I support
institutions to support. Over the years, New London       New London Hospital!
Hospital has consistently provided high-quality care      They have taken such good
to five generations of my family, and I remain a          care of me over the decades.
steadfast, thankful and appreciative donor."              I can’t imagine living here
                                                          without them.” Evelyn Weber

                                                        Our thanks to all our giving friends, both "old" and
                                                        new! We treasure each of you! If you are not yet a
                                                        donor to NLH, please become our new friend soon.

                                                        See the following insert, listing 2014 donations.
                                                        What a generous community! We remain grateful for
                                                        every giver and every gift.

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