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NLH and Upper Valley Neurology Neurosurgery:
Expanding Local Services for Relieving Pain

On May 24, 2014, after hitting                                                               Soon Danielle checked in

the trails on her mountain                                                                   at NLH for surgery. "It was

bike, Danielle Speer started                                                                 really nice to have my surgery

experiencing intense pain in                                                                 done at a small community

her left leg. The culprit – a                                                                hospital," comments

herniated lumbar disc. "The                                                                  Danielle. "From the moment

pain came on suddenly and was                                                                I walked through the doors,

excruciating," said Danielle.                                                                everyone was so friendly

"I couldn’t stand up straight                                                                and helpful,and I never felt

or walk more than a few steps                                                                overwhelmed by the process.

before having to stop and sit                                                                When I woke up from the

down to relieve the pain."                                                                   surgery, I noticed that the

As an APRN at Cottage Hospital                                                               pain was significantly less. I
in Woodsville, NH, Danielle had                                                              was even able to go home
referred a number of patients                                                                after only a couple hours in
with back pain to Upper Valley                                                               recovery. I started walking
Neurology Neurosurgery                                                                       immediately after surgery and
(UVNN). So in her own time of                                                                was able to get right back into
pain, she turned to those same                                                               my routine."

trusted specialists. Danielle                                                                It wasn’t long after surgery

met with UVNN Neurosurgeon                                                                   that Danielle returned to work

Hulda Magnadottir, MD, who                                                                   full time. "Within a couple

told her she needed surgery.                                                                 weeks I was walking several

Dr. Magnadottir also told her                                                                miles a day and after eight

that she couldn’t perform the                                                                weeks, Dr. Pikus gave me the

surgery right away as she was                                                                OK to start running again,"

going to be away for a month.                                                                said Danielle. "My experience

That was not good news to                                                                    with Dr. Pikus, UVNN and

Danielle, an avid runner, biker                                                              New London Hospital was

and mom to a one-year-old and                                                                wonderful. I am so pleased

a three-year-old, as she wanted                                                              with the great communication,

to get back to a pain-free         (Top) Danielle Speer and her family.                      the ease of scheduling, the
lifestyle as quickly as possible.  (Bottom) Danielle (left) and a friend after completing a  responsiveness and the
                                   half marathon.                                            friendliness that everyone
Fortunately, UVNN’s newest                                                                   demonstrated."
Neurosurgeon, Harold Pikus,

MD, was available to perform her surgery at NLH.  Determined to continue to live a full life, Danielle

Danielle met with Dr. Pikus to review the procedure, is training for her first marathon. "It’s coincidental

a discectomy to remove the damaged portion of her that the day I injured my back was the same day as

herniated disk. "Dr. Pikus was really nice and reassuring. the Burlington, VT marathon, which my husband

Even though I had already talked with Dr. Magnadottir, ran in," said Danielle."I decided to make it my goal

Dr. Pikus still wanted to meet with me and get to know to run the 2015 Burlington marathon. There was no

me before surgery to make sure I was comfortable," way I was going to let this back injury slow me down.

said Danielle.                                    Now because of Dr. Pikus and all those involved in my

                                                  surgery, I know it won’t."

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