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Regional High School (KRHS) in Sutton, proposed a         community, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
student-staff-led learning project to encourage more      Dozens of programs run the gamut, from French
walking by mapping routes both within the school          classes to basketball. But Carter Bascom, Program
building and outside of it. She hopes such personal       and Special Events Director, is always aiming to do
engagement will increase impact on students, staff        more, especially when it comes to physical activity
and the greater community.                                and community connectedness.

Algebra 1 Students at Kearsarge Regional High School      The Outing Club has been offering yoga classes
                                                          from one instructor two days a week, in a less than
Dr. Randy Wormald, KRHS mathematics teacher,              ideal space. Their grant will fund basic classroom
has taken Mancuso-Rucker’s idea into his Algebra 1        improvements that will help to attract additional
classroom. His students have laboriously counted          instructors (and types of yoga) and students. "I want
ceiling tiles, floor tiles and steps to estimate hallway  to make this room a peaceful space for yoga," says
length, brought in a surveyor to help them measure        Bascom, as contrasted with the current tile floor,
distance, and brainstormed a detailed plan for            large tables and dim paint. With his vision, the grant
creating the walking routes.                              from The Wellness Connection and some hard work,
                                                          the space will be transformed.

The class will use a Community Wellness Mini-Grant        Carter Bascom, New London Outing Club Program and
to purchase trundle wheels with which students            Special Events Director
can accurately measure the length of each hallway,
as well as pedometers to calculate step counts.           The goal of this improvement is to offer classes
From this data they will create color-coded maps of       at least three days during the week and on the
common routes within the school, complete with            weekends. These could include sports-specific yoga,
distances and average walking times. Once the             a class for children and one geared to the schedules
inside of the building has been measured, the class       of parents during times their children are involved
will take their tools outside to explore the rest of      in Outing Club sports. "The Outing Club is excited
the property.                                             to expand yoga classes and help people of all ages
                                                          become more active and engaged in their local
Connecting mathematical concepts to real-life             community," says Bascom.
situations is enhancing learning. Students are
excited about the many possibilities this project         The Wellness Connection is pleased to support these
holds, including using the data to develop a smart        exceptional healthy eating/active living projects in
phone application. "Students could enter their            our community. The next Community Wellness
class schedules and the app would tell them how           Mini-Grant proposal deadline is June 30, 2015.
many miles or steps they walk in a typical day," says     Guidelines and application are available at
Wormald. The students plan to create a video of 
their process, to be available on the KRHS website.


Active Living Project: Upgraded Yoga

The New London Outing Club provides the Kearsarge
region with programs that enhance family and

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