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Volunteer Spotlight

NLH is pleased to welcome three new volunteers:
Larry Checchi, Susie Mochel and college student
Alexa Kerry.

Larry is a front desk greeter, and he works in our
Mail Room. A man of many talents, Larry also assists
with special projects, such as wheelchair inventory
and providing support in our Information Systems
area. In addition to all the help he gives NLH, Larry
also finds time to volunteer at the Mt. Kearsarge
Indian Museum in Warner.

Susie is a super-dependable Mail Room volunteer              (LtoR): New NLH Volunteers Susie Mochel,
who does two shifts each week and also substitutes                    Larry Checchi and Alexa Kerry
for others when needed. She and a fellow Mail Room
volunteer have trained new volunteers, ensuring        Department as a spotter during pool therapy
that our Mail Room continues to run smoothly. In       sessions, providing emergency assistance to patients
a very different capacity, Susie volunteered during    if needed. This school year Alexa is volunteering in
Hospital Days. If you saw children running around      our Emergency Department.
with beautiful painting on their faces (maybe your
own children or grandchildren), that was Susie’s       Other students who volunteered for us this summer
art work!                                              and have gone back to school are Brendan Bryck
                                                       (Hospital Days), LeighAnn Kulpa (Hospitality Cart),
Alexa is a “return” volunteer, a student at New        Susanne Kulpa (Hospitality Cart), Marciana Longley
England College back at NLH after the summer.          (Central Sterile) and Abigail Mailly (Clough Center).
Last year she volunteered in our Physical Therapy

We are grateful for these “newbies”—and ALL our wonderful volunteers. To learn how YOU could
make a difference for your community by volunteering at New London Hospital, please contact
Volunteer Services at 603-526-5133 or

NLH Welcomes Osteopathic Physician, Michael O’Brien

NLH is pleased to welcome                              internship and residency at the Maine Medical
Michael O’Brien, DO to the                             Center in Portland, ME. Prior to attending medical
New London Hospital Medical                            school, Dr. O’Brien practiced as an Acupuncture
Group team. Dr. O’Brien                                Specialist caring for patients in Nashua, NH.

  earned his doctoral degree                           As part of New London Hospital’s wellness team,
     in Osteopathic Medicine                           Dr. O’Brien provides primary and preventive health
      from the Virginia College                        care to patients. For more information or to schedule
        of Osteopathic Medicine                        an appointment with Dr. O’Brien, call 603-526-5275.
          and completed his
           internal medicine

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