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Building for Health


Building for Health in                                  Given that patients who use the Newport Health
Newport has begun!                                      Center comprise one-third of the total “business”
                                                        of the NLH organization—for services they obtain in
The first step in construction—actually a partial       Newport and in New London— maintaining a
demolition—is completed. The vacant bowling alley       strong Newport Health Center is vital to the
adjacent to the current Newport Health Center has       continued strength of NLH, for the benefit of all
been taken down. This important accomplishment          in our service area.
prepares the way for actual construction to begin.
                                                        In about one year, health care providers and staff
NLH celebrated our more “constructive” beginning        will move into a brand-new Newport Health Center,
with a well-attended groundbreaking ceremony on         after which the current building will be torn down,
October 13, including those in official capacities and  followed by completion of parking and landscaping.
many other community members. Capital campaign          A late 2016 ribbon-cutting celebration is anticipated
Chair Bob Rex announced $250,000 in donation            for our new Newport Health Center.
commitments to date, including 100% participation
from Newport Health Center employees. President         Meanwhile, look for regular progress updates and
and CEO Bruce King followed with the exciting           note that throughout construction, the Newport
announcement that the Roy Malool Family                 Health Center will continue regular operations,
Foundation has pledged $350,000 to the project,         although parking may be disrupted from time to
bringing the fundraising total to $600,000.             time. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Our Newport patients, along with staff, Town            Also, please know that at this time in the 97-year
officials and community leaders, all recognize the      history of NLH—and the 24-year history of the
need for a new and expanded Newport Health              Newport Health Center—the best way that someone
Center, and they celebrate us undertaking this          from New London or Newbury or Sunapee or Wilmot
important project on their behalf.                      or Newport or any other town we serve can support
                                                        NLH is to contribute to our Building for Health
But to be clear, this project is not only for the       campaign, planned to raise at least $2.2 million
benefit of Newport residents. The NLH service area is   toward this $9 million project cost.
vast—across the span of 15 rural communities in the
Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region, of which Newport            For more information or to make a pledge or
is the largest town, with over 6,500 residents.            gift, contact Karen Zurheide at 603-526-5023

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