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NLH Welcomes Pediatrician Ashley Miller, MD

NLH is pleased to welcome Ashley Miller, MD to its                         School of Medicine, which touches on her

Pediatric team. Dr. Miller is a graduate of the University                 love of teaching and mentoring.

of Connecticut and received her medical degree from                        When she’s not working at the New
Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, NH. She                               London Pediatric Care Center, Dr. Miller
completed her residency in Pediatrics at Dartmouth-                        spends her time with her horse Clancy.
Hitchcock and worked in the Pediatric department                           She is an avid rider and eventer.
at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic in Concord prior                             She also sits on the Executive
to joining NLH.                                                            Board for High Horses, a

“I love watching families grow, seeing my patients                         therapeutic riding program

change over time and sharing in their joy of becoming                      that serves the Upper Valley,

successful young adults,” commented Dr. Miller. “I am                      combining her love of pediatrics

very excited about the small and friendly community         and horses. “I’ve lived in New England my
“involved with numerous
that NLH represents, and can’t wait to become an integral whole life, and though I like to travel, this

part of it!”                                                               region is truly home.

Board Certified in pediatrics,  I am so honored to be                      I love the outdoors and
her clinical interests include  a part of my patients’                     can’t wait for the warm
mental health, adolescent       lives through good and                     weather to come back!”
medicine and preventative       bad, and hope to make
”served as the chairperson for the AAP Section of Young                    Dr. Miller is working
                                a positive difference.
care. Dr. Miller has been                                                  alongside Aram

                                                                           Kalpakgian, PA-C;

local, regional and national committees. She has            Sarah Lester, MD; and Rebecca

                                                            Lozman, DNP, APRN, MPH in

Physicians, has participated in the Adolescent Sexual       the New London Pediatric Care

Health Task Force for the Department of Health and          Center. For more information or

Human Services in Concord, and is currently on the          to schedule an appointment with

Community Preceptors Education Board for the Geisel         Dr. Miller, call 603-526-5363.

Lara Moody, MD Joins Family Medicine Team at Newport

Family Medicine Physician Lara Moody, MD                    “I am very excited to be a part of the New London

              recently joined the NLH team from Elliot      Hospital team and to see patients at Newport Health

              Hospital at Windham in Windham, NH.           Center,” said Dr. Moody. “I truly feel part of the

              Dr. Moody is seeing patients at Newport community and I’m thrilled to have the privilege

              Health Center and will be working with        of working with the patients here.”

              Jim Lepich, APRN; Melissa Nelson, APRN;       Dr. Moody’s clinical interests include family medicine,

              and Lawrence Schissel, MD.                    general preventative care, cancer screening, smoking

              “ ”Dr. Moody grew up in South Carolina        cessation, birth-to-end-of-life care and dermatology.

              and attended medical school at                I enjoy doing something               “The times I get
              St. George’s University School                new all the time. I love              to spend in a room
               of Medicine in Grenada,                                                            with a patient

                 West Indies. After a couple                photography, walking                  are my happiest
                  years, she returned to her
                   home state and earned                                                          moments; it’s so

                    her medical degree from
                     the Medical University of South
                     Carolina. Dr. Moody completed
                                                            my dogs and spending                  rewarding to be
                                                                                                  a part of someone’s
                                                            time with my husband.

                                                            life, in a role where I can help make a difference. I always

                                                            want my patients to know that we are a team working

              her residency in Family Medicine together, and that I’m here to listen to what they have

              at Dartmouth NH Family Medicine to say. Open, honest conversations are important and

              at Concord Hospital and has been no matter the issue at hand, we can work through

              a New Hampshire resident for                  it together.”

              more than five years.                         For more information or to schedule an appointment

                                                            with Dr. Moody, call 603-863-4100.

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