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Celebrating our Volunteers

During National Volunteer Week, which was April 6 through 12, NLH honored
the caring, inspiring and supportive individuals who are our volunteers, now
numbering more than 140.

These individuals contribute in numerous ways throughout the hospital, from
handling mail delivery and working in the Friends Gift Shop, to greeting patients
when they arrive, and lots more. All of the important work that NLH volunteers do
on a daily basis added up to more than 10,600 hours in fiscal year 2013. It is partly
because of these committed individuals that NLH is able to offer an environment
focused on patient and family centered care to our community.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the volunteer program
at NLH, please contact Volunteer Services at 603-526-5133 or to learn more. You can also apply online

Community Wellness, Together.

Change is the norm in healthcare these days. For our       personal healthcare team” or “your care team.” Soon,
part at NLH, in the past year or two, in addition          you will see some NLH healthcare teams pictured in our
to introducing many new healthcare providers               Community Wellness, Together campaign. What is this
and services, we joined the Pioneer (now “allwell”)        all about?
Accountable Care Organization (ACO) with
Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Elevate Health program         Think of everyone you meet at a NLH office visit.
of Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan. We are also educating      In addition to the person who checks you in and the
and assisting community members regarding the              scheduler who makes your next appointment, there
new government insurance exchanges. And, most              are often one or more nurses plus a “mid-level” (APRN
notably, we announced our formal affiliation with          or PA) provider and/or a doctor, and there may be
Dartmouth-Hitchcock.                                       a transitional care coordinator also. Together, they

Over the next several months, you                                                       are your “team,” and each one
will notice another change. When                                                        of them plays an important role
you see NLH or Newport Health                                                           in your health and wellbeing.
Center advertised in a newspaper                                                        So, healthcare teams are groups
or magazine, hear your provider’s                                                       of healthcare professionals working
name on the radio, visit the NLH                                                        together in a coordinated way
website, or read the Friends of                                                         to care for the patient who is an
New London Hospital newsletter,                                                         important member at the center
you will witness our new marketing                                                      of the team.
campaign, Community Wellness,
Together. We would like to tell                                                         By collaborating across medical
you about that theme’s origin, how it relates to our                                    specialties as well as various places
values and what it means for you, our patients.                                         where you might receive care
                                                           (for instance, within our primary care practices, at our
In spite of the recent rapid changes in the world          hospital, at Dartmouth-Hitchcock), healthcare systems
of healthcare—with many more likely in the future—         can help improve the health of our communities and
the mission of NLH will never change. Our number           lower costs for our patients. You can receive care, when
one priority is the same as when the hospital opened       you need it, where you need it and how you need it.
in 1918, and will be into the future: to serve our         That is yet another aspect of working together for you.
community and provide our patients with the very best
quality care. Community Wellness, Together stands for      Community Wellness, Together means that we are
just that. It is an expression of our commitment to keep   a team, your team. We are actively working with you,
our community healthy, and to work together with you       with healthcare providers in our organization and
for your personal health.                                  with any others needed for your care, collaborating
                                                           on the best ways to keep you healthy. As your community
In addition, if you have visited your healthcare provider  hospital, this is one more way in which we are committed
recently, you have probably heard the phrase “your         to your well-being and to continuing to give you the
                                                           highest quality healthcare.

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