2012 Volunteer Celebration

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Over 90 volunteers gathered at the Wilmot Community Center on June 6 to enjoy a special dinner prepared and served by hospital staff to honor and thank them for the more than 12,000 annual hours given to the hospital.

Bruce King, President & CEO, welcomed and thanked the volunteers for their generosity of spirit and gift of time.  Marian Biron of New London was recognized with a special plaque for her commitment to the Friends Art Program.

“Marion’s eye for the beauty of our New Hampshire woods makes her work especially meaningful to the hospital,” said Anne Holmes, Board Trustee, as she thanked Marian for her many contributions to the hospital.  The ceramic plaque can be found in front of the stand of birches to the right of the hospital entrance.

The evening’s program included a new element, Volunteer Bucks!   A generous anonymous donor made a gift that was to be used to fund five hospital programs as designated by the volunteers themselves.  Each attending volunteer received an envelope with a similar number of “volunteer bucks” inside.  Five hospital department directors took the microphone in turn to “pitch” their program to the audience.  At the end of the presentations, the volunteers “voted” with their bucks! 

The truly wonderful outcome was that all five programs received the funding needed in the end because several other anonymous donors came forward in the week that followed to ensure that all the projects are realized.

“This is a terrific example of the kindness and generosity that our community extends to NLH on a consistent basis.  I am very appreciative for the support from the donors and NLH volunteers who made it all possible!” said Matthew Petrin, Director of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Services, who had described the need for a special piece of equipment used to help patients re-learn how to maneuver stairs.

“Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who already give their time (which is priceless) yet found still another way to give to us, and thank you to the generous donors who made these projects a reality!  We are forever grateful,” expressed Tina Walker, Director of ABC’s Child Care Center.  ABC’s will soon be purchasing a special indoor table that can hold sand or water for fun activities for the children on rainy or cold days.

In addition to the two programs mentioned above, Volunteer Bucks also made possible the purchase of an industrial strength bread making machine for the Clough Center residents, a flat screen TV for one of the Emergency Department treatment rooms, and a special serving cart for the Food & Nutrition Department.

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