General Surgery

New London Hospital is equipped with two complete operating room suites. Our surgical and anesthesiology teams are highly trained in major surgeries, allowing us to offer our surrounding communities excellent surgical care close to home.

Our surgeons, Sean D. Bears, MD and Donald A. Eberly, MD, provide a wide spectrum of surgical services. Local and regional surgeons are available to provide surgical specialities in the areas of:

  • endoscopy
  • gynecology
  • ophthalmology
  • oral surgery
  • orthopedics
  • podiatry
  • urology

Ambulatory Surgery

Many of the surgeries performed at New London Hospital are done without requiring patients to stay overnight in the hospital. The rapid advances in surgical knowledge, technique and technology provide significant benefits for patients. With decreased risk, less pain and shorter recovery periods, more surgeries can now be performed on an outpatient basis. This has made it possible for patients to recover sooner and go home the same day.

Typical procedures may include skin biopsies, eye surgery, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, hernia repair, and urological and gynecological procedures.

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