Pediatric Care in
New London and Newport

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Prevention is one of the hallmarks of pediatric practice, including such diverse activities as newborn screenings, immunizations, and promotion of car seats and bicycle helmets. – according to the American Academy of Pediatrics

All of New London Hospital's pediatric care providers believe that preventive care involves more than just sharing medical and educational information with a family – they ensure that the family understands this information and offer resources to help them implement preventive care.

Another important component of our pediatric services is that New London Hospital's family medicine providers also practice pediatric care, thus allowing family members to all have the same provider if they choose.

New London Hospital provides pediatric services on the hospital campus and at Newport Health Center. Our board certified pediatricians Sarah Lester, MD, works in collaboration with Children's Hospital at Dartmouth.

Helpful Links and Resources

New London Hospital has compiled a list of website links with valuable health tips, child vaccination, educational resources, and other health and wellness information for your child.


Newport Health Center












Rebecca Lozman, DNP, CPNP, MPH. Joined staff: 2012. BSN, CPNP, DNP Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. MPH Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Hours and Phone Number

Regular hours:

Regular hours:
8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday
Keeping working families in mind, we have extended hours until 7pm on Wednesdays.
For more information call the Pediatric Care Center 526-5363.

For more information call the Newport Health Center at 603-863-4100.

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New London Pediatric Care Center

Located in the Medical Associates Building next to New London Hospital, the New London Pediatric Care Center is a patient-focused medical practice specializing in pediatrics and adolescent health care for the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region. Through a collaborative arrangement with Children's Hospital at Dartmouth (ChaD), our pediatrician, Sarah Lester, MD, Rebecca Lozman, DNP, CPNP, along with Aram Kalpakgian, PA-C provide high quality health care, with an emphasis on preventive and primary care services.

Hours and Phone Number

Regular hours:
8am - 5pm Monday – Friday

Urgent care hours: 
Saturday 8 am to Noon

New London Pediatric Care Center:
Phone: 603-526-5363
Fax: 603-526-5263

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