Helping Patients Regain Strength, Mobility and Confidence

Helping patients reach their maximum potential – that’s the mission of New London Hospital’s Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. The Center provides outpatient and in-patient services and innovative programs at New London Hospital and Newport Health Center that address a wide range of conditions from recovery from a stroke or orthopedic surgery, to treating issues such as pelvic pain and language disorders, to helping an athlete return to his/her sport.

Here’s what Pete P. of Newport had to say about his experience

“I had surgery at New London Hospital for a pinched nerve. Surprisingly, when I awoke, I was paralyzed on my right side. Before the reason was determined, I received physical therapy and occupational therapy. Matt Petrin helped get me moving.

A barrage of tests and treatments then followed to determine the cause of my paralysis. These included intravenous infusions of steroids and MRIs. As it turned out, I had a bruise on my spinal cord. My surgeon said that a bruise is common when the vertebrae are removed but that it’s rare for paralysis to result. My tests revealed that I had Brown-Sequard syndrome, which is a rare spinal disorder that is usually caused by an injury to the spine in the region of the neck or back. Intensive inpatient therapy followed.

When I returned home, I continued my rehab at the Newport Health Center. I had exercises to do every day and gradually saw improvements. I went from a wheelchair to a cane, which I use mainly outdoors. My primary provider, Dr. Jordan, said that I exceeded his expectations. The people who cared for me at the Newport Health Center played a big role in helping me improve to such an extent. Matt, along with Heidi Petrin, Frank Valente and Jeff Abrahamson, all worked with me and clearly answered all my questions. Under their care, I felt confident that I’d resume mobility to the extent possible. I was very glad that I was able to receive such great care close to home.”

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