General Surgeons at New London Hospital offer a wide spectrum of care

No one looks forward to contemplating surgery, yet when it is necessary New London Hospital offers individualized surgical options in a setting that is safe, patient-centered, and patient-friendly. Our board-certified general surgeons offer a wide spectrum of care, from diagnostic procedures (such as endoscopies and colonoscopies), to general procedures such as bowel surgery, breast surgery, hernia repair and biopsies, to name a few.

Here’s what Patricia M of New London had to say about her experience:

 “For a few days, I noticed an off and on pain in my abdomen. When I was playing tennis, the pain returned and became increasingly more severe. A friend drove me to New London Hospital’s Emergency Department. Each bump in the road was a stab of pain. When we arrived around 5:00 pm, I was seen immediately by Dr. Kenneth Call who diagnosed appendicitis. A CAT scan revealed a ruptured appendix. I was in the operating room by 9:30 pm.

My surgeon Dr. Eberly was very caring and comforting. He listened carefully to all I had to say and explained everything in a manner that was easily understood. He quickly inspired confidence by seeming to know immediately what needed to be done. I stayed in the hospital for two nights. The private rooms were great and the nursing team exceptional. Dr. Eberly visited me and was pleased with my progress. In a follow-up appointment two weeks after surgery, I was told I could resume my normal activities.

I’m happy to say that shortly after that, I resumed playing tennis. One usually doesn’t think of a hospital stay as a positive experience but I can honestly say that my time at New London Hospital was made as pleasant as possible by the excellent team of doctors and nurses.”

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