Find relief with help from New London Hospital.

Lauryn lives an active life, and likes to run to stay in shape. Her running came to a halt after sustaining an injury from a car accident. She suffered from chronic back pain. As the pain continued to worsen, she sought relief from the New London Hospital's Pain Management Program. Now, she can bend, stretch, and run pain-free.

Pain relief is close by at New London Hospital

New London Hospital's Pain Management Program specializes in diagnosing and treating patients with acute and chronic pain issues.

In Lauryn's case, the physician found that her hips were misaligned, and referred Lauryn for physical therapy. Lauryn noticed a difference soon after the therapy began and was happy with the thorough and caring treatment she received at New London Hospital.

Is pain a regular part of your life?

Pain is a complex condition - it not only makes your body hurt, but can also impact your overall health and emotional well-being. It can stop you from doing things you enjoy, affect your ability to work, and keep you from sleeping well or eating right.

When seeking treatment for pain, here are some questions to answer and share with your doctor:

  • Where is your pain?
  • How often do you have pain and how long does it last?
  • Do you experience constant pain or pain that comes and goes?
  • What, if anything, relieves your pain? What makes it worse?
  • Does your pain make you sad?
  • Does pain cause problems with your personal needs such as getting dressed, combing your hair, shaving, bathing, or eating?
  • What medications have you used in the past for your pain? If so, how successful were the medications?
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