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October 10th, 2014


ABC's Child Care Center, located at New London Hospital, held its first Annual Flu Clinic on October 7 and 8. Rebecca Lozman-Oxman, APRN, Honey Vaine, RN and Beth Sweeny, MA from New London Hospital administered the vaccines to ABC's children and their siblings.

"We thought of this concept last year when parents had to make appointments, leave work, pick up their children and bring them to the doctor's office," commented Tina L. Walker, Director of ABC's. "I thought there has to be a better way." That is when the idea of holding a flu clinic at ABC's during regular pick-up hours came about.

The clinic was a huge success. "We immunized over 30 children enrolled at ABC's as well as their siblings," said Lozman-Oxman. "If we can immunize over 80% of the population than it reduces the chance of an influenza outbreak. We have immunized 94% of ABC's in the past two days. This was a win-win for everyone, ABC's, the hospital, the children and their families and the community."

Janine Tadakowsky, NLH employee and a mother of a 4-year old in the program stated, "I am so thankful that ABC's offered the clinic this year. As a working parent it is often hard to find time during the work day to accomplish small tasks, though important, such as getting your child's flu shot. It was so convenient to have the clinic right at ABC's while we were picking up our children. The pediatrics staff were beyond prepared and delivered the vaccinations with such compassion."

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