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April 10th, 2014


Helping employees incorporate physical activity into their daily routines is just one of the many goals of the New London Hospital Wellness Committee. An employee-run committee, the group focuses on a variety of initiatives aimed at inspiring and supporting hospital employees to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Over the past year, the Wellness Committee has worked on a Stair "Well" initiative to beautify one of the main stairwells used by employees at the hospital. The goal of the project was to encourage staff and hospital visitors to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Thru funding known as Wellness Dollars, provided by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in 2013, the Wellness Committee brought Muralist Mattie Brown on-board for the project.

Mattie and her apprentice Rive Carlin went to work painting a mural of the "Seasons" in the Kearsarge Lake Sunapee area. The mural includes well-known landmarks throughout the region such as the Chicken Farmer Rock, Vernondale General Store and the Newport Opera House, among many others.

One quick and easy way for people to incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle is by choosing the stairs over an elevator. "It really is a sight to behold when you open the door and see the mural for the first time" commented President and CEO, Bruce King. "Not only does it encourage you to take the stairs because you're interested in seeing what Mattie has added, but it also puts a smile on your face even during a busy work day."

In an effort to spark curiosity and keep people motivated to continue using the stairs, the Wellness Committee will post motivational quotes throughout the stairwell on a rotational basis. Community members are welcome to visit the stairwell to view the mural when they are at the hospital. An unveiling is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23 from 11:00 to 1:00 PM.

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