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September 4th, 2013


New London Hospital is now offering patients access to 3D mammography, an innovative technology for breast cancer screening and detection.

Also known as tomosynthesis, 3D Mammography allows your doctor to see a level of detail that was never before possible. When a patient has a breast screening with tomosynthesis, a camera moves over the breast taking multiple images from different angles. The images are combined to produce a three-dimensional rendering of the entire breast. The radiologist can then view the images of breast tissue in one millimeter slices.

By combining 3D breast tomosynthesis with 2D digital screening mammography, radiologists are able to detect more cancers as well as reduce the number of repeat call backs. Kris Eschbach, DO, Radiologist at New London Hospital commented, "The new 3D system allows us to exam breast tissue in far greater detail. We are proud to say we can offer this benefit to every patient who comes in for a mammogram at New London Hospital."

To schedule an appointment contact the Radiology Department at 603-526-5249.

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