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April 13th, 2009


Photo caption: From left, Anthony Yuskaitis, MD, Jack Kirk, MD, Mrs. Priscilla Ohler, Bruce King, NLH President & CEO, Donald Clark, MD, and Donald Eberly, MD join in a commemorative event symbolizing the demolition of the front portion of the MOB.

New London Hospital sponsored an event to announce the impending demolition of the front portion of the Medical Office Building (MOB) at 249 County Road. At the same time, a Leadership Challenge was announced with the goal of raising $225,000 to bring the Capital Campaign to a successful completion.

The razing of the front portion of the MOB is the next important phase of the Building Towards the Future project,” said Bruce King, New London Hospital President & CEO. When this building was constructed, it represented the finest in primary care 35 years ago.

Today, King continued, we mark the change from this building to our new space, complete with new equipment, technology and electronic medical records.

Following King's welcome, Chaplain Cheryl Fitzgerald offered reflective remarks. King then thanked the lead donors, trustees and senior leadership who made the Leadership Challenge possible. All gifts in support of New London Hospital's Building Towards the Future (BTTF) Capital Campaign will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $250,000 between now and the end of the campaign.

Once the Leadership Challenge has been met, the BTTF Campaign will have successfully reached its $7.2 million goal.

Honored guests were introduced with Drs. Donald Clark and Jack Kirk addressing the audience. In reviewing the history of the MOB, Dr. Clark said, “When the building was constructed in 1967, the four physician owners were Bill Clough, Jr., John Ohler, Anne Wasson and Don Clark.

In 1977, four additional offices were added, Dr. Clark continued. Our office building served us well over its 42 year history, but modern office technological needs led to the construction of an elegant new building.

Additional physicians who occupied the MOB during its early phases were Anthony Yuskaitis, Don Catino, Jack Kirk, Tim Williams, Murray Towle, Jeff Powell, Don Eberly, Greg Barban, Lou Kowalski, Fran Evans and Steve Jordan.

Following a brief address by Dr. Kirk, those in attendance were invited to don hard hats and safety goggles and, using commemorative sledgehammers provided, to begin demolishing the building. A professional team completed the demolition later in the week.

Following this activity, tours of the new building were provided.

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